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When will I bleed?

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inaclearingstandsaboxer Thu 08-Jun-17 00:08:02

I have been on Femoston 1/10 for over three weeks - only got four of the grey tablets left - will I have a period soon? What if I don't have one?

I haven't had a period since last January and was June 2016 the one before that.

PollyPerky Thu 08-Jun-17 08:06:25

Is there not a leaflet in the pack explaining this? Did your dr not tell you?

If not.....the pack mimics a natural fertile cycle. After the progestogen tablets have been taken, you should bleed roughly 3 days later.

inaclearingstandsaboxer Thu 08-Jun-17 09:22:18

I have taken 10 of the progesterone tablets so far and no bleed... Is this ok/normal?

inaclearingstandsaboxer Thu 08-Jun-17 09:23:28

Ok .... I get it now... I have to take all of the grey pills then I will start to bleed...

ALaughAMinute Sun 11-Jun-17 13:09:10

I started taking Femoston at almost the same time as you.

I started a fairly heavily bleed a couple of days ago when I had two of the grey pills left. As much as I'm not happy to have a heavy bleed, Femoston is working very well for me so I hope this is just a temporary problem because I don't think I could stand to have a heavy period every month.

inaclearingstandsaboxer Mon 12-Jun-17 20:32:41

I started the second pack today and no bleed ... It's a bit of a waiting game!

I have had to buy in sanitary ware as I only have two periods a year normally and I didn't have any in my drawer..

PollyPerky Mon 12-Jun-17 20:46:11

Not all women bleed. 15-20% never bleed. You don't have to bleed. if you don't it means the lining is being kept thin anyway and you may - if you still have symptoms- need a higher dose.
However the bleed usually comes 2-3 days after the last tablet- so plenty of time smile

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