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Mirena coil advice

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bananaskin123 Fri 02-Jun-17 16:26:38

I did start a thread re a post meno bleed I had nearly three weeks ago. Finally the result of the biopsy is back (long story) and its all fine. Now I am booked for a hysteroscopy for maybe a cervical polyp. I also have a thick lining of the endometrium. I know Ovestin hasn't caused it specifically but in the 12 years I have been using it I have never had a scan. Now I'm thinking whether it would be wise to go for a Mirena coil which I believe thins the lining out and I can continue with Ovestin regularly hopefully without worrying about another bleed. I've just got my second lot of antibiotics because of yet another UTI having been off Ovestin whilst all these investigations have been going on.

The gynae has said he is happy to do this when he does the hysteroscopy but I am 15 or so years post meno so how would having progesterone affect me? Are any breast cancer etc risks higher the older you get?

Just wondered if someone has been where I am and can give me their experiences so it will help me make my decision.

PollyPerky Fri 02-Jun-17 17:25:16

Glad the result is okay. You said Monday so it's come early. Does it show hyperplasia? Presumably not or you would have been told.

Wait until you see the gynae and discuss all of this .

The Mirena is not for women like you (who are not using systemic HRT) . You need to find out why your lining was 12 mm before anything else is discussed.

I'm really surprised your consultant has agreed to give you a Mirena when you are only using Ovestin- it goes against NICE guidelines.
You need a reason to be found for the thick lining then the right treatment - which could be the Mirena or oral Norethisterone. (THis info is all online by the way if you search for treatment for hyperplasia.)

My understanding is that the Mirena when only using Ovestin would be 'overkill' and you would be at risk of having an atrophic endometrium which can bleed!

Basically, I don't think this is your decision - it's a clinical decision which ought to be made by the consultant.

My consultant has always said that vaginal HRT does not require progestogens. (As does NICE.) He did say that 'if we were concerned' best practice is to do a 'challenge' (this is an accepted medical term!) of a course of Norethisterone maybe once every 2 years to see if any lining is shed.

Women who are post meno should not use and do not need d ongoing treatment with progestogens. You might like to read the treatment plan for hyperplasia by the RCOG and see what they suggest.

There is no BC risk with just progestogen- the risk is with HRT when both hormones are used .

Your own gynae seems to be a bit 'off piste' with other experts. Where are they based?

bananaskin123 Fri 02-Jun-17 17:51:06

Thanks Polly. You're right, I do need to discuss it with him. It was a phone call this morning informing me of the results of the biopsy and it was myself who mentioned the coil. I remember him saying at the first appointment that if it was simple hyperplasia/complex hyperplasia then the treatment would be hysteroscopy + Mirena coil with repeat hysteroscopy and biopsy in three months. I have to say he did sound a bit suprised and said he didn't usually do this for a woman of my age but I do need to find out more about the thickening. I'm having the hysteroscopy under GA and staying in for the night but will make a list of questions to ask over the weekend,

Thanks for your input. Will let you know how things go.

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