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Periods getting closer together and lighter

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Sionella Tue 30-May-17 14:52:07

I am 39 and have always had quite long cycles, usually 33-35 days. Got pg at 37 on first attempt.

Now I want a second, but DP wants to wait a year or two (!). Over the last few months I have noticed the gap between periods has slowly decreased - came on today on day 27. They are also much lighter than they used to be, although they've never been that heavy. No other symptoms really; tired and insomniac, but who isn't, with a 20 month old?!

DM died a long time ago in her early 50's, so I have no idea when/if she went through the menopause.

Does this sound like the beginning of the end? Should I start to try to prepare myself that I might have left it too late for another? sad

PollyPerky Tue 30-May-17 15:51:40

It does sound as if your fertility is declining but that doesn't mean you don't have time for another child. But at 39 you don't want to delay things further. Now or never would be my advice.
Have you thought about seeing a fertility gynaecologist and asking for a measurement of your ovarian reserve?

Sionella Tue 30-May-17 15:57:13

I know sad

I simply cannot get it through to DP that we don't have long. He thinks I am exaggerating. I would think perhaps he secretly doesn't want another, but I know he does - for instance we are stretching ourselves for a house with another bedroom, and he talks about it all the time. He just seems to think I am 19, not 39.

I could, but honestly I'd be so scared of getting bad news. Does it need to be done on a certain day of the month? Thank you!

PollyPerky Tue 30-May-17 16:13:57

Yes they have to be done on certain days of the month. But I think the also check ovarian reserve by looking at your ovaries with ultrasound. Ideally you need a referral for a private appt with an experienced fertility specialist. Doubt you will get this on the NHS - their answer will be just to TTC.

Sionella Tue 30-May-17 16:20:44

Thanks. Private is not a problem, luckily - scraping up the courage to go is another. If it needs to be day 3 (I have this in my head from a friend who went?), prob too late to arrange this month, but next month would work.

Or just go to GP. Perhaps DP would listen to him/her!!!

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