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How to get patch glue off skin!?...

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Badders123 Fri 26-May-17 13:40:34

Back on patches after pills have me hemi plegic migraines but the patch leaves a horrid residue on my skin that I'm struggling to get off...
Any tips?

FadedRed Fri 26-May-17 13:49:03

You can buy plaster adhesive solvent at most pharmacies. One trade name is 'Zof' but there are generics.

Badders123 Fri 26-May-17 20:12:52

Thank you

JeNeSuisPasVotreMiel Sun 28-May-17 16:33:58

Don't use soap.
In the shower or just after, while you are still wet, rub at the glue and it will roll off.

BlackInk Mon 12-Jun-17 11:30:08

Baby oil (or any oil), just rubbed on with a flannel in the shower/bath. Comes off easily, but make sure skin isn't oily when you go to stick on the next patch.

Hotheadwheresthecoldbath Sat 17-Jun-17 01:20:28

Baby oil here too.

ineedaholidaynow Sat 17-Jun-17 01:23:03

I use baby oil too!

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