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Blood test was borderline please explain and does it need repeating

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whatisforteamum Wed 24-May-17 14:52:31

I was having anxiety and dizzinessfor eight weeks.I stopped driving and was prescribed meds which I didn't take.I had an ECG and a blood test which I was told was borderline perimenopause
.With my crazy workload at the moment I didn't question this too much however the nurse said I should go back to the gp when I went for my smear.
I feel well now so what does borderline mean.I am 50 and my mum went through it at 51 with no real symptoms.Thank you in advance.

whatisforteamum Wed 24-May-17 22:17:50

Anyone been told this

PollyPerky Thu 25-May-17 07:33:26

It's not recommended any more to do blood tests for meno- they are unreliable due to hormones changing daily. Borderline means your FSH or oestrogen scores were in the range of women whose fertility is declining. But unless the test was done on the 'right' days of your cycle, they are pretty meaningless.
At 50 it would be unusual if you weren't peri meno to be honest! By 54, 80% of women are post meno anyway.
You don't need to have symptoms - though your anxiety etc are typical symptoms.

whatisforteamum Thu 25-May-17 16:04:09

Thank you Polly perky.The gp emailed to say I wasn't me opausal even though another gp and the smear nurse said I was borderline.however she said I can have a repeat test in three months as I have the Morena coil so no periods for yen years. thank you for replying

PollyPerky Thu 25-May-17 17:13:31

But why do you and they want to find out?

Unless you have symptoms and want HRT, there is no need to see a dr about menopause at all.

NICE have stated quite clearly that blood tests on women over 45 are not to be done for menopause 'diagnosis' - waste of NHS resources and tests are unreliable anyway. Your GP and nurse (!) should be aware of this.

I don't know what you want to happen..? If the anxiety and so on are menopause related the guidelines from NICE say treat with HRT without doing tests. If you feel better on HRT, then that was what you needed.

There is no need for blood tests especially as you use a type of hormonal contraception which may skew results anyway.

whatisforteamum Sun 28-May-17 08:18:57

I found some useful info on a website about peri.I have been experiencing anxiety joint pains dizziness and nausea like travel sickness.The reason I would like to know is I would take hrt if it was advised as working 50 plus hrs on shifts while being a part carer for my terminally I'll dad is hard enough without feeling quiet unwell.

PollyPerky Sun 28-May-17 10:49:33

But blood tests won't give you the g-ahead answer you are looking for. They may give you a 'negative' result for peri because on the day the blood is taken you could have high /normal levels.

The choice over whether to take HRT is yours. It's really a case of try it and see. The reason blood tests are not recommended is as I said above- they are unreliable. If you take HRT and feel better, then that was what you needed. If you took it for say 3 months and felt no different, then it is unlikely that hormones are the cause of your symptoms.

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