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Anxiety and menopause

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pistachioandhoney Thu 11-May-17 08:39:49

Is anxiety a real symptom of the menopause? If so, what kind of anxiety? Some literature I have read seems to think it isn't.

For me, I am at the beginning of my peri-menopausal stage. At a medical 2 years ago I wasn't, but now my blood tests say I am. I am having symptoms on and off with the off days hitting me like a bus.

The anxiety is causing me to feel really low and scared though. One minute I can be as brave as a lion (which is my usual self) and then on occasion I can have anxiety over the smallest thing.

If you were to hook me up to a monitor for a day you would probably see that my stress goes up naturally when in traffic jams, when I am late and going to the Doc etc. Say from a 1 to a 3 or 4 stress level. However, I feel that in these situations my stress level is going to a 7/8. Yesterday I got really anxious having a simple blood test and recently I was terrible on a flight when I have flown millions of times and usually love the thrill of it.

Can anyone else describe, if possible, what kind of anxiety they attribute to the menopause. I want to stop my mind from constantly asking itself "why".

Funnyonion17 Thu 11-May-17 08:48:38

Anxiety can be made worse by hormones yes. Pregnancy, postnatal, PMS, menopause.

Magnesium, D3, high doses of b6 and b12, good hydration and sleep hygeine can help massively.

pistachioandhoney Thu 11-May-17 08:57:50

Funny, thanks for your comments.

I will be seeing someone in a few weeks to discuss options for managing my symptoms. Do I need someone to prescribe or advise me on levels of the supplements you mention above? I don't feel confident just going into the health shop and buying them off the counter.

Robinsegg Thu 11-May-17 13:20:41

That sounds very familiar, it's just what I experienced in my late 40's and I found it very upsetting. I had several very turbulent years in terms of my emotions, something I'd never experienced before. Have a look at Dr Annie Evans lectures on YouTube, very interesting if your are on this journey. I think there are 4 clips about the menopausal changes we can expect.

PollyPerky Thu 11-May-17 14:25:41

OP what you are describing seems like normal reactions to certain life events. I'd feel just as you do about those circs at times but would not consider it needed 'medicalising' or treating. It's just life. Being anxious is normal. Maybe consider things like mindfulness, yoga and CBT to relax and rationalise the fears? I'm really in favour of talking about stuff to minimise it rather than rush for meds or supplements.

Rainatnight Thu 11-May-17 14:29:05

But I think OP is saying that she's now becoming more anxious about things that previously didn't bother her. So it seems reasonable to get help.

PollyPerky Thu 11-May-17 14:49:09

Yes, I get that. But I still think talking therapy and 'mind over mood' help as much or more than drugs and things we swallow.

stuckin90s Fri 12-May-17 14:43:04

I have definitely been more anxious during peri menopause. I tried to come off my anti depressant, and managed until the second half of my cycle. They have proven that lots of us react badly to our own progesterone and changing hormones, and as hrt seemed to make me more anxious, I am coping by taking citalopram. It doesn't stop me feeling sad, but does allow me the ability to move and enjoy things. When I do not take it, the anxiety and crying is worse, and my ability to distract myself is zero.

I think I have a certain amount of social anxiety, so talking to a stranger would just make my anxiety worse, so medication because of this is so important to me.

stuckin90s Fri 12-May-17 14:57:56

Forgot to add that I haven't stopped bleeding yet, so when I do I might have to try hrt again; but it doesn't seem to help with the anxiety in the second half of the month. If you do decide to take anti depressants you should also know that they do not work as well for me since starting peri menopause, I definitely have more low mood days now. There doesn't seem to be an easy answer.

Dorje Wed 31-May-17 21:53:10

I was anxious like this pistachioandhoney. Things I loved I just got wound up about, like flying. My dad was an RAF pilot, and I've always loved flying, but I just was all over the place thinking about even getting into a plane What if...... what if... and horrible panic rising just ran around my head.

I take HRT now and all these unusual anxieties have disappeared completely.

I use bio identical oestrogen gel and micronised progesterone: they're formulated by a pharmaceutical company and are just what my body would make: my GP prescribed the HRT to me after my tests showed a big drop in oestrogen and a huge rise in FSH, and I just love it!

I feel fantastic again. I'm getting on a plane next week and just cannot wait!!
I feel like I've got my life back on track after a very bad year of little sleep, hot flashes, vaginal atrophy and constant anxiousness and worries. It's all down to the HRT.

PrudenceDear Wed 31-May-17 23:54:04

I find that I clench my jaw when I start to get stressed and anxious. It's usually over silly things, sometimes I can't pinpoint it. But it'll last for days so could be triggered by the news that parents are due to visit, a birthday to arrange, uniforms to organise before return to school, large bill to pay.
It starts in my jaw, I feel it clenched pretty much permanently. Then my shoulders and back hurt as they too are clenched. At its peak I can see the veins in my hair line standing out.
I've never had this before until very recently, probably only past 6 months.

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