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Eek! Run out of HRT Progesterone. Should I remove my oestrogen patch?

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Draylon Sat 22-Apr-17 17:30:52

My careful calculations went awry and I managed to lose a couple of Utrogestan 100 tablets, so I got a new script which I took to the pharmacy yesterday, but I had to go without a tablet last night (Fri) knowing I'd be picking up the new prescription this afternoon after work. But the pharmacy was closed! So I won't be able to take my tablet til Monday evening at the earliest.

My question is- should I remove my oestrogen (Estradot 50mg/24hour) patch, which I change twice a week?

Or am I mahoosively overreacting? grin

PollyPerky Sat 22-Apr-17 19:54:03

You are massively overreacting grin

Do you take them daily or for 12-14 days a month? Conti or sequi HRT? Assume it's conti (daily) or you'd be taking 2 x 100mgs daily for a number of days on sequi.

Either way there is no need to stop the oestrogen- why would you?

What you can expect though is some breakthrough bleeding by Monday perhaps because once progesterone is withdrawn the lining starts to break down.

Draylon Sun 23-Apr-17 10:20:31


It's continuous HRT, and I shall 'be aware' on Monday.

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