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More frequent periods

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Tanfastic Mon 17-Apr-17 18:14:32

Hi there ladies,

I've been experiencing peri menopausal symptoms for about four years, dry skin, dry down 'there' hmmblush, UTI symptoms, anxiety, mood swings etc. Periods have been normal up until about four months ago when I noticed they'd become slightly heavier (I've always had very light periods lasting three day). No flooding or anything though. I've also been pretty much bang on 28/29 days.

The last two months my cycle has become shorter, 24/25 days - I'm assuming this is all normal stuff and to just get on with it? I'm 44 btw. I just assumed periods would become less frequent rather than more.

PollyPerky Mon 17-Apr-17 18:35:12

It's a common misconception - longer gaps- can go either way and both as well.

Please see your GP about the vaginal dryness etc. All you need is oestrogen cream / pessary. You need to use it regularly or it will come back- it's for life if you keep suffering.

It's REALLY common so don't be embarrassed.

Tanfastic Mon 17-Apr-17 19:13:21

Aah thanks Polly, I remember you from my UTI monstrous thread last year and you were so lovely and reassuring and completely correct!

When I say dryness I mean in a erm sexual way - is that what you mean? 😂.

Anyway it's not a problem really at the minute but I will get it checked out if it becomes one.

Bummer about periods. I would have to be one of those women whose cycles becomes more regular rather than less. I suppose I've been lucky all my life to have periods that have been a breeze, it's just a bit of a pisser when they start going back to what they were like in your teens!

PollyPerky Mon 17-Apr-17 22:34:59

I knew we'd 'spoken' somewhere!
Try not to leave the dryness to its own devices. Don't want to worry you- and you are only 44, lucky thing!- but long term vaginal dryness (atrophy to be pedantic) can become harder to treat because the vagina shrinks when it's dry (lovely) which can make sex more tricky.

In older women, who are not treated with oestrogen , the walls can become so sore they bleed even when not being 'used' ( shows as a watery discharge which sends the medics into overdrive to investigate) but it can also make any improvement harder. In other words, it's harder to reverse the longer it goes on.

So I'd think on it and maybe try some treatment before it gets too bad.

Tigerblue Thu 20-Apr-17 19:20:25

Mine have been more regular for about 8 months, approx 18-23 days. This month I'm on day 34 and I suspect I haven't even ovulated, so hopefully you won't be getting shorter cycles for too long.

Tanfastic Sat 22-Apr-17 18:47:09

Thanks Tiger, I hope not but who knows eh?! Bloody menopause angry

EggysMom Sun 07-May-17 13:57:53

About a year ago my periods started to get heavier and the cycle shortened from 28/29 days to 23/25 days. I now suffer from cramps, which I haven't had since I was 13 (I'm 48). Fortunately I seem to be skipping the other usual symptoms so far.

bialystockandbloom Sun 07-May-17 14:02:58

My cycle went from 28 days to 21 about a year and a half ago. Two blood tests showed normal hormones so I was told it wasn't menopause hmm - I've since learned those tests are often unreliable though. A scan showed nothing abnormal except slight endometrial lining. I'm 47 so I think it must be menopause, but don't really know what to think tbh, except that it's a pita.

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