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So very scared reassurance needed please?

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Shizzle309 Mon 17-Apr-17 07:23:47

I am in a bit of a mess at the moment

Just having loads of probs with heavy periods went for a scan yesterday at the hospital everything looked OK apart from a thickened lining all my bloods are OK apart from CA125 which is slightly raised. Saw a gynae consultant last week before the scan and she wants me to have a hysterscopy and biopsy so feel very anxious

So very scared, before the scan the consultant said she was 99% certain all will be OK but wants to check everything. I was given northeristone to make my periods stop as I didnt gave ones between Dec until March and it was very heavy. She has offered me mirena coil just so worried.

I turned to google and wished I hadn't, I am 46 and have had twins 5 years ago following 4 rounds of ivf.
Please can someone help me?

Chocolatecake12 Mon 17-Apr-17 07:29:11

Keep away from google. It's the worst thing ever to look at for medical stuff.
You are under a consultant so already in the system and there's a plan in place. Your CA125 was only slightly raised so could very well be nothing.
Please try not to worry - easier said than done I know- and remember your consultants words - she's 99% sure everything is ok

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