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letter from GP

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stuckin90s Fri 07-Apr-17 21:14:47

My GP has written to me to ask me to go for blood tests to check if I am really in menopause.
I am 45 and asked for femseven sequi patches as have had menopause symptoms for 5 years and had tried so many things.She explained patches were for when periods stop; I knew they weren't so questioned her including mentioning nice guidelines, so ended up leaving with prescription.
The first week I didn't feel a lot of change but after just over 2 weeks have far more energy already, so was disheartened to get the letter today.I wasn't due to go back and see the doctor for a couple of months, and don't want the blood tests, because they could show normal levels. I knew I wouldn't get appointment for a few weeks so dropped a note into surgery about the nice guidelines about tests being inconclusive, and they weren't recommended to be done after 45.My mum had also gone through menopause by 48;I keep mentioning this when doctors say I'm too young.
Am not looking forward to getting a reply as I feel I live in a remote part of country that might think I'm a bit new age for wanting hrt patches, and feel I need a bit of moral support.

PollyPerky Fri 07-Apr-17 21:17:25

Have posted in the thread where you first posted.

Basically she is wrong. How can she expect an accurate blood test for your hormones when you are now on an HRT patch? (Is she really dim?)

NICE says no blood tests for women age 45 or over- treat symptoms as if they are meno.

Pixie2015 Fri 07-Apr-17 21:24:18

Can't see point of blood tests as likely to be normal level if having periods - the hrt is to help with symptoms whilst peri menopausal - may be worth phone call to GP or practice manager

stuckin90s Fri 07-Apr-17 21:27:32

Thanks Polly, just needed some support;feel like I live in a really unprogressive area, and maybe money is behind the sending of the letter, because pills perhaps are cheaper. I had a doctor who left who prescribed me an oestrogen patch, when I had a mirena, but mirena fell out twice, tried the pill, but had awful side effects from 2 different types. The patches seem to suit me.

stuckin90s Fri 07-Apr-17 21:29:47

Thanks also pixie, will think about that.

befairdontjudge Sun 09-Apr-17 12:16:36

Did you send the letter? Have you heard back from your GP?

stuckin90s Fri 14-Apr-17 16:54:55

Hiya Be fair don't judge.Sorry that I haven't replied for a few days; have just been feeling confused about what to do.
I don't think this hrt thing is going to be straight forward for me. The doctor did reply and only wanted to do the tests because I had had symptoms before 45, but if the patches are helping , she is happy for me to continue without tests,but by the point the letter had arrived , I had already ripped off the patch.
I have always had heavy bleeding helped by taking mefanamic acid; 2 mirenas have fallen out with clots, sorry if tmi!,but this month the bleeding was far worse and started after 2 weeks of oestrogen only patch, so my own period broke through.I had also been wearing the combined patch for 1 day, which had made me feel full of energy but also raged;I felt like I was overreacting to everything. I have always felt like this after trying progesterone only pills, and combined pills, but was hoping as I had a successful mirena in my early thirties that the patch might be different. So that combined with the fact the patch kept coming loose in the shower, just made me reconsider.
I have spent the last week taking maca,magnesium, iron, and a meno capsule with shell fish oil and soya isoflavins, and have had energy this week, been walking and doing yoga, but on eighth day of cycle just want to sleep. Feel frustrated because the patches stopped me from just wanting to sleep all day;I have our 20th anniversary meal tonight, and really can't be bothered as am so tired. Just do not know where to turn next . Keep thinking I might try mirena again for bleeding, but 1 doctor thought it could be falling out because I had large babies;not sure about this being true, anyway sorry I've gone on, just needed to let it all out.

stuckin90s Fri 14-Apr-17 16:56:05

sorry all clumped together, tried to put in paragraphs;didn't work!

stuckin90s Fri 14-Apr-17 16:58:15

also meant ragey!

PollyPerky Fri 14-Apr-17 17:11:33

Sorry you are a bit disheartened.

Try to persevere. There are many kinds of HRT. What you have is just one type. I was lucky that what I had first really suited me but my consultant says that some women have to try loads of different combinations.

It's always a bit harder if you are very much peri because your own hormones are still up and down.

Just to give you an idea.....

You can use an oestrogen patch but you will need progestogens too. This could be one of 3 types- Mirena, Norethisterone, Utrogestan, or even one of the mini pills taken in the required amount.

If the patch falls off you could try Oestrogel which is transdermal like a patch but you use a 'blob' each day on the arms or thighs.

As you are young for all of this, would your GP refer you to a specialist for another opinion- or you could refer yourself and pay for 1 appt and see what they say. Is that an option?

Some specialists are allowing women to use the progestogens for 7 days only in a month if they are really sensitive to the side effects but they do tend to monitor this to see that there is no hyperplasia of the uterine lining (annual scans.) This is not mainstream GP stuff but many women who find HRT tricky are using this.

stuckin90s Fri 14-Apr-17 21:46:12

Thanks for those suggestions Polly. I live in West Wales, although a beautiful place if you are well, it is not so great for up to date medical information. I get frustrated that I have brought up many issues such as urge incontinence and aches and pains etc linked to my cycles changing, but none of the doctors talk to you about any of it, I suppose
they don't have time.

I have a lot of issues I'm struggling with , 3 teens, moved away from extended family, and feeling like I never really settled here, but I started going through menopause not long after move, so I really feel my personality changed, and it would be nice to get the old me back. Its hard to separate the life stresses from the menopause stresses though.

I think I might ask about the mirena again, as I really don't get on with progesterone only tablets, but it might be worth me mentioning the micronised progesterone, and giving it a try.

I do feel like I'm making a fuss though, as my mum, said she just got s bit hot sometimes, so I might be lucky there, but she did get depression after periods stopped, so I think this is how hormones affect us. My sister in law sailed through it, but I do remember her getting very grumpy.

stuckin90s Sat 15-Apr-17 13:49:45

made it sound like my teens are a problem, they are fab, just feel like i'm not strong enough to give them guidance, and rely on their dad for a lot of advice; little ones problems were so much simpler.

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