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Period every couple of weeks - wtaf!

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EllenRipley Sat 01-Apr-17 20:17:25

I know I'm peri (46), just wondering if this is in the 'normal' range of peri-meno; coming up to my third very short cycle (last two were 19 and 17 days). I have literally just recovered from my last period, I'm exactly mid cycle and I'm moody, knackered and cramping a lot so I know it's only a matter of time before I start bleeding AGAIN. Last year I had a few very long cycles but I had surgery in November to remove a cyst and what turned out to be adhesions from previous c-section. My next three cycles were all normal (assumed from research that cyst was stopping ovulation therefore causing long cycles), which was a relief - but now it's all gone tits up! I'm fed up and really can't be arsed going to docs if it's just normal hormonal malarkey. I have a small fibroid which probably doesn't help but after last year's gynae adventures, have been given clean bill of health i.e no issues with endometrium and no endometriosis etc. Anyone else experience this kind of onslaught? Thanks in advance.

LineysRun Mon 03-Apr-17 13:59:51

Yes, going through this now. I'm nearly ten years older than you and can't believe I'm still awash with bloody periods. I've a fibroid, too.

I've been buggered about for three years with tests, scans and hysteroscopies. Yet another appointment tomorrow.

I get the feeling we're supposed to accept the offer of a Mirena coil quite gratefully and shuffle off into the sunset.

I'm not accepting a Mirena because of my history of PND and other depression. It's all very crap.

EllenRipley Mon 03-Apr-17 18:52:18

Oh god that is crap. I can't/won't do the artificial hormone thing for the same reasons. They're not really interested unless they can stick something up your hoohah or fill you with hormones, are they? I too went through a long period of investigations including hysteroscopy before I had surgery last year, it's all a bit of a trial so I feel your pain. I'm taking it that since you've had ongoing investigations they've not found anything sinister - which is good. I hope you get some answers and relief. Have you tried any supplements or herbs to reduce the bleeding? Hope you're taking iron. X

LineysRun Mon 03-Apr-17 21:46:01

Hi! No, nothing sinister, so it's hopefully a case of deciding tomorrow what to actually, finally, bloody well DO about it.

I take some supplements and eat a Mediterranean diet. Still feel like shit, though.

Will report back!

EllenRipley Tue 04-Apr-17 00:04:51

Aaah, aren't our bodies just wonderful! 🤔 I eat well, exercise, take supplements - hormones are ignoring it all and continuing on their merry way. Good luck, and yes, please do report back! I'll probably have about three periods in the meantime. X

LineysRun Tue 04-Apr-17 16:40:09

So I'm to have the 'Myo-Sure' procedure, which will remove the fibroid and hopefully stop the crazy bleeding.

Also the Gynae Consultant will write to my GP and tell him to prescribe HRT patches. Thus has been a saga and a half with my GP for three and a half years.

So I'm on a waiting list for the day surgery, under general anaesthetic.

It's all such a bummer.

EllenRipley Tue 04-Apr-17 23:41:48

God, it's taken 3.5 years for them to suggest this? I'm not surprised you're fed up. But if it's the fibroid that's bleeding then this should help? How do you feel about the HRT, did you tell gynae you're worried about effect on your mood?

LineysRun Wed 05-Apr-17 09:01:39

Hi again, I think the problem has been partly due to a complex medical history and partly down the GP health centre and gynaes pushing Mirena which I do not want. I actually want HRT, so I'm happy to have finally found a gynae who'll recommend it as well as a Myo-sure procedure.

(I had a DVT / PE, 3.5 years ago.)

Anyway, I'm hopeful this is finally the way forward.

EllenRipley Thu 06-Apr-17 15:36:28

Ah, well in that case that is great news! Fingers Xed for you, I hope the combo sorts it all out. X

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