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Consultant has told me I'm peri menopausal after one blood test. Help!

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Isthismummy Sat 01-Apr-17 18:07:41

Just found this board and hoping to get some advice.

In a nutshell I was due to start ivf two weeks ago and had a hormone blood test done with view to starting my injections the following day. Instead I was asked to come back into the hospital, and told by my consultant that I am infact peri menopausal! Apparently my FSH was 45, LH 23 and oestrogen below 92sad

My last blood test in November 2016 showed FSH of 4 and LH of 6 on day two of my period.

I've been offered no more blood tests, just been told I need to start HRT. Now I keep reading that bloods should be repeated before a definite diagnosis is made? I should also add that the last test wasn't done while I was on my period.

I'm only 38 and have no symptoms other than periods have been irregular since I came off pill a year ago. I'm so worried and confused. I have an appointment booked with my GP next week. Should I ask for another blood test?

PollyPerky Sat 01-Apr-17 20:14:48

Have a look at the Daisy Network site a charity run by drs for women with early menopause.

Yes, you should have more than 1 blood test.

At the very least, two, and more if you are trying to have a baby.
I don't know if you can afford private treatment but if so would you refer yourself to a specialist in fertility?

Isthismummy Sat 01-Apr-17 23:50:56

Thank you PollyPerky I will have a look at website🙂

I think I'm still in shock to be honest. One minute I'm about to start ivf, and the next I'm told I'm peri menopausal and they won't treat us. I'm supposed to have a follow up there with a consultant next month to discuss HRT and egg donation. Frankly I never want to go near the place ever againangry

We are looking abroad for private treatment and I've already had a very helpful phone consultation with a clinic. I'm going to speak to my GP next week and ask if I can rerun blood test. I feel like I've just been utterly written off. So angry and devastated.

Chocogoingcuckoo Sun 02-Apr-17 15:44:05

Hey, I was diagnosed peri-menopausal at 31 through blood tests at the beginning of ivf journey as well. DH was having vasectomy reversal and they took my bloods at the same time in preperation. Can't remember all my test results but AMH was 0.07. It is such a shock and so overwhelming to compute what they're actually saying to you.

I had first done at private fertility clinic. 2nd and 3rd done by gynaecologist at local hospital. All results were the same.

You need to go to a clinic that will run the tests again for you and give advice on anything that may help you along the ivf route. Hopefully the one you've found is the right one for you.

For me, my only option of conceiving was to use donor eggs. We did go down this route then changed our minds at the last minute and decided to adopt instead. We've recently been approved to adopt and waiting for a match.

I'm not surprised you're angry. The doctors have basically put a stop to the future that you've been dreaming of without running further tests.

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