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Is anybody using Push Doctor for their private/NHS service?

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doubleristretto Sat 01-Apr-17 13:37:41

I just found Push Doctor online and it seems too good to be true, does anyone have any experience of using them either for menopausal symptoms/maintenance or other reasons? I've got an appointment on Friday (10 days from booking) at the NHS GP where essentially I'm hoping to persuade her to send me for testing for my hormone and thyroid levels. I found Push Doctor whilst searching for cystitis/thrush/bacterial vaginosis diagnosis it's all fun here, it's £7 for an initial 10 minute appointment (waiting time 6-12 minutes so far) with a registered NHS GP then £8 for a prescription of up to 7 items and £15 for a referral. You can sign up for £20 a month and then everything is free, including extending your appointment for as many 10 minute blocks as you like (normally £20 each).

It occurs to me that I could have spoken to a GP months ago without worrying about the hassle of getting an appointment and wasting their time and I could actually speak to someone who is not harassed and trying to get me out the door in as few minutes as possible! They say they write to your GP but obviously they don't have access to your medical records. What do you think?

LordRothermereBlackshirtCunt Sat 01-Apr-17 13:50:06

I used them once, though not for what you're describing. My GP is 30 miles from where I work (I have a long commute) so it's virtually impossible for me to get there - I was able to use Push Doctor sitting in my office, and they faxed a prescription to the nearest pharmacy to me. It was a godsend as I was flying abroad the following day on a business trip. I think for something more long term and / or complex, I would want to see my GP, but Push Doctor was a good solution for me for a one-off illness when I couldn't get to the GP due to distance and long working hours.

Bear in mind that as well as the prescription charge, you will need to pay the actual cost of the drugs when you collect them from the pharmacy.

VimFuego101 Sat 01-Apr-17 13:54:56

The U.K. office of the co I work for uses a similar app called Babylon, which everyone is impressed with.

doubleristretto Sat 01-Apr-17 14:12:49

Ah yes, the 7 item prescription could end up costing a fortune! I suppose the idea would be to get any long term prescriptions through the NHS and keep them for regular appointments having fast tracked by using the online doctors initially and for fast appointment times? I haven't heard of Babylon, Vim, you would recommend them?

PollyPerky Sat 01-Apr-17 14:59:54

I've not used either but am curious how 7 items on a prescription can cost £8. Surely you have to take the script to a pharmacy and pay them, per item? Is the £8 just for the admin for the GP writing the actual prescription? The you'd pay £8.20 or whatever per item?

Ah I see Lord has said the same thingsmile

Personally, I think 10 mins is too short for a meno consultation and a discussion in depth about HRT or whatever you want. if you just want them to prescribe Vagifem or oestrogen cream it may be okay though. My appt with a private consultant re. meno and other things was 45 mins and I pay for 30 mins every 6-8 months.

I've hear Babylon is ok.

doubleristretto Sat 01-Apr-17 19:43:40

I think that it is £8 for them to write a prescription regardless of the amount of items on it, up to a maximum of 7. You would then pay the private prescription rate at the pharmacy for each drug rather than the set NHS prescription price.

Do you have any idea as to the costs of meno drugs as a private prescription? I think the monthly subscription of £20 for unlimited services may well be worth it although I don't know how other services such as Babylon compare on price. I think the huge advantage is not having to travel to an appointment and being able to log on at any time (to ask for a prescription or a referral) rather than quality of treatment as such, if you paid for a private appointment you'd expect a specialist where as these are GPS.

PollyPerky Sat 01-Apr-17 20:08:51

The RRp of all HRT is on Menopause Matters website under Treatments/HRT . The prices are shown (bear in mind they might not be quite up to date.) The cost of a private prescription is around 1.5 to 2 x the RRP plus in some cases the dispensing fee. The price can also vary between pharmacies. I pay around £12 a month for my HRT (Oestrogel and Utrogestan. The Utrogestan is 25p per capsule - this is pricey and not all types are this figure.)

doubleristretto Sun 02-Apr-17 11:58:42

Thank you, Polly, I shall be heading off to my appointment on Friday much better Informed about choices now flowers

schoolofconfusion Sun 02-Apr-17 12:01:52

I know several who use it very happily and also a couple of GP who do it.

doubleristretto Sun 02-Apr-17 12:07:57

school do they use it for everything? Do you know if they keep track of you to the point of having access to your own Push Doctor records?

LauraTompkins93 Wed 17-May-17 11:36:08

Has anyone tried VideoDoc? My employer has just introduced the service into our business, so i thought i'd give it a go the other night when i was having a panic about tummy pains, turned out to be indigestion smile !

The doctor was amazing and really friendly and i got an appointment straight away. Put my mind at rest almost instantly.

I think these digital doctors seem to be the way forward.

Anyone have VideoDoc as a health benefit at their work?

MrsHall18 Tue 11-Jul-17 12:01:52

Hello has anyone used push doctor for a referral?

PollyPerky Tue 11-Jul-17 13:12:44

For a referral to a gynae for menopause?
Many don't ask for a referral- you can self refer if private (though not NHS.)

MrsHall18 Tue 11-Jul-17 14:09:33

No not for gynae.sorry I didn't explain myself lol.its for my son he is 7 months old and been told he has something quite rare and potentially consultant has never seen it before and iv spoken to someone at great ormond street and they have said to ask my consultant to refer me there.the trouble is trying to get hold of the consultant.iv rung everyday for the past 2 weeks and still nothing back.i understand they are busy but it's getting very frustrating.i just wondered if anyone had used push doctor to get a referral to another hospital

PollyPerky Tue 11-Jul-17 16:02:27

maybe try general health or chat forums?
I doubt they would though tbh.

PollyPerky Tue 11-Jul-17 16:03:18

You ought to be able to get hold of a consultant's PA or your GP should. Why is your GP not doing this for you?

Chrissydwyer Mon 04-Dec-17 20:14:36

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MerryBell Wed 18-Apr-18 21:02:18

I had the same horrible experience with Push Doctor. I tried an alternative service called The GP Service and they were just brilliant. Customer service was extremely good. They were also actually cheaper !

penguinsandpanda Fri 20-Apr-18 08:12:30

I used Push Doctor once and brilliant £28 for consultation and prescription to be faxed to chemist for uti then usual NHS charge. Got someone within 15 minutes very knowledgeable. Private insurance took 2 days to get me a first doctors appointment. GP can get same day if I try for 20 mins at 8am but its very rushed and one symptom only.

penguinsandpanda Sun 22-Apr-18 13:35:11

Just tried to use them again and terrible. Doctor cut me off twice and then just left me on waiting for 30 mins and no one answered. Hope I am not charged for the waiting. Told me he had done it the first time to improve line.

MerryBell Sun 22-Apr-18 19:13:47

Try, Doctor was just brilliant. I also found a 50% off code if thats still valid Deal_50. Hope you feel better! M x

penguinsandpanda Sun 22-Apr-18 19:19:06

Thanks very much. I have currently tried Lloyds but if that's not approved will try GP Service. I did phone Push Doctor they refunded first one and said could see someone else he said he couldn't help and they charged £40 for that, argh.

Consumerright Fri 27-Apr-18 18:11:50

84 year old mum discharged from hospital with several fractured vertebrae without correct pain medication. Contacted ‘pushdoctor’ VERY between Christmas & New Year clearly stating pain medication required. Not registering if couldn’t provide prescription based on evidence hospital discharge documents. Advised register with service having no other requirement. Registration completed immediately informed prescription not available. £36.00 charged to my bank twice for this ‘scam’ initially refunded after complaints to them and bank. They have just taken £36.00 back and ignoring my complaints. Mum’s severe pain had left her in tears. She was distressed further having lump found in breast. How utterly cruel going through questions on website having been told they could help with her pain medication was just to line pockets of unscrupulous cheats.

The CQC have been investing them and anyone thinking of registering DONT. Read CQC and be prepared to pay for nothing to avoid disappointment.

swingofthings Sat 28-Apr-18 11:08:49

You might want to read this:

penguinsandpanda Sat 28-Apr-18 12:49:47

In the end I was only charged £20 which is fair enough as a doctor spent 10 minutes talking to me. They appear to have tightened up, a year ago when I phoned and described having uti symptoms they gave me antibiotics over the phone faxed to chemist £28. Brilliant as I felt too unwell to go to doctors, better in 2 days. This time they said they couldn't help and asked for a passport - fair enough they can't help but there should be some warning about a passport as you pay per 10 minutes. It does appear to be proper doctors but there aren't some checks as its over the phone. I wouldn't use again as it didn't help but I am getting a uti every couple of weeks and its a right pain to have to go to a GPs ill every 2 weeks.

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