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What? Period before progesterone

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Spoog1971xx Thu 30-Mar-17 19:32:23

Hi there. I wonder if you can help as my GP is very anti HRT.
I'm 45 and was diagnosed with POF at 39. Be just started femoston 2/10 ( the sequential one). I'm on day 11 ( still just estrogen pills) and I'm bleeding. A big proper clear out of a bleed - not spotting.
I've not gone s year without a period yet.
Is this a period? If so, what do I do? Will proceeding onto the progesterone pills mess me up if I've had a big bleed?
I must say I've felt great, I thought femoston must be magic but I think maybe I ovulated and so got some of that LH surge love!
Any advice would be most appreciated xx

PollyPerky Thu 30-Mar-17 19:35:36

Looks as if your own cycle has overridden the HRT. It's early days so I'd carry on with the pack and it ought to settle into a pattern. If you are still peri though there is always the chance your own hormones may take over - nothing can be done on that.

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