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Where's my period?

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Blastandtroph Fri 17-Mar-17 10:02:29

So I know I'm not pregnant.

46 years old. Periods have been as regular as clockwork for years, now 10 days from last expected period and no sign of it.... Have noticed bleeding has been shortened over last few months and hormonally I've been a bit all over the place for a while. Is this the start?

ToEarlyForDecorations Fri 17-Mar-17 10:10:08

Um, dunno.

My periods have been irregular for the last three years or so. I'm 49.

I kept a diary check on my periods and it turned out they were pretty much coming every four weeks or so.

However, this year I've had one period.

No period in January.
1st February flood gates of a period.
March - so far, nothing. I got all the symptoms for me of a period coming i.e. pmt, itchy skin under my pubic hair, that pulling - tearing feeling coming from my womb that feels like my period is doing a warm up for it's appearance in a couple of days time. But, nothing happened.

So, still I wait.

I believe I've got other pre-menopausal symptoms. I asked the nurse at the doctor's surgery and she said I should speak to the doctor if anything at all is bothering me about my health i.e. not just menopausal symptoms.

The list of pre-menopausal or peri menopausal symptoms seems endless. Not everyone has the same ones either.

I understand that I would have needed to not have had a period of a year after the age of 50 to need to speak to a doctor about it.

I also understand that some women do not have a period for months and months then boom, a period turns up. I guess that starts the 'year without a period' running again.

DevelopingDetritus Fri 17-Mar-17 10:12:20

Sounds the same as what I'm going through. I'm thinking peri meno too.

Blastandtroph Fri 17-Mar-17 10:17:41

Thank you both.

Toearly YY to that abdominal pulling feeling but no bleeding. V. interesting you mention about the itching as was referred to gynae about this a couple of months ago, but after seeing consultant was told no evidence of a problem. My periods were regular at that point though.

Ok so it'll be a watch and wait then. Having a smear later (oh the joys!) so will mention in passing to the nurse.

Launderetta Fri 17-Mar-17 10:22:52

Definitely sounds like peri menopause. I'm 49 & feel that mine are just trying to catch me out; I suspect I'm having yours for you atm, in frequency & volume!
My best advice is - keep sanpro within arm's reach and relax!
(I say relax not to be patronising but because I've tried the anxious & stressy route & it's not bloody helped at all)
Good Luck!

Blastandtroph Fri 17-Mar-17 10:36:12

Thank you Launderetta Good advice and I'm definitely going to go for the more relaxed approach. Might need to get a porta-potti after all for our campervan if uncertain times of the period kind lie ahead!

DevelopingDetritus Fri 17-Mar-17 10:53:59

I could always tell when I was due on a couple of days before hand, now there's just no warning, it just starts.

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