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Mirandasbestmate Wed 15-Mar-17 05:35:15

Would welcome any thoughts /advice please. I'm 51 & went through the menopause about 4 yrs ago. I took elleste duet ( 1mg for a year then 2mg for a yr ) as I was suffering a lot with lack of sleep, anxiety, low mood etc. when I was on it I found that I slept fine for the first phase of pills, & awfully when I was taking the 2nd. So I stopped taking them 6 months ago.
Now I have no real symptoms any more EXCEPT for waking at 3-4 am & being unable to get back to sleep. My sleep hygiene, diet etc is all good so it must be hormones.
Is going back on HRT my only option? are there any sorts that sort out insomnia? Up until,now I have been a good sleeper but this is beginning to wear me down now! Thanks in advance

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