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Weight gain and menopause

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oldfatandtired1 Sat 11-Mar-17 23:47:19

I am 56 and had my last period at 52. Since menopause my weight has slowly crept up to 10 and a half stone, for most of my adult life I hovered around 9 1/2 stone which was just right for me. Not thin, but slim. I eat well (honestly - not deluding myself!). Don't snack on rubbish and hardly ever drink alcohol. Is there anything I can do or do I just accept I'm now a size 14 instead of the 10/12 I've been all my life? I'm not enormous by any means but I just can't shed any weight sad

ErrolTheDragon Sun 12-Mar-17 00:24:06

I'm also 56 and similar meno.... I was able to lose some weight with a combo of diet(5:2) and exercise(mainly Jillian Michaels dvds) - maintaining or increasing muscle is important.

But I have been struggling with it for the last 18 months or so - part at least I think because I developed hypothyroidism. This is apparently very common in women our age, might that be a possibility?

BG2015 Sun 12-Mar-17 07:48:35

I'm 48 and am struggling to lose 10lb. Previously I would really watch what I was eating and lose a 1lb a week, now it's half a pound. I exercise, Zumba, spin and walk. I'm tall, nearly 5' 9" so do carry it but I have loads of clothes that fit me but are on the tight side.

I'm just presuming it's my age. It's so annoying

BigGreenOlives Sun 12-Mar-17 07:51:23

I think women lose muscle mass which is why it is harder to maintain weight. Add some strength building exercises, it should help.

ErrolTheDragon Sun 12-Mar-17 16:06:52

Whether you're interested in 5:2 or not, the 5:2 exercise thread is a good place to get advice on muscle building/maintaining and weight bearing exercise particularly relevant to post meno women. I've not been on there a while myself but BigChoc and others there are great.

oldfatandtired1 Sun 12-Mar-17 16:31:52

Errol thank you, I'll have a look at the 5:2 exercise thread. My diet is good and I certainly don't overeat but I know I don't do enough exercise! Lots of walking but that's it really! So I guess if I want to lose the middle age spread (and the weight has gone to my tummy) I'll have to do a bit more.

BG2015 Sun 12-Mar-17 19:54:18

My OH is a Personal Trainer and he helps me out loads with my diet and exercise but it's so hard to fit it all in when working full time, cooking, cleaning etc etc - I try to get to the gym 2/3 times a week but it's coming off so slowly.

Maybe I need to do 20 mins or so whilst I'm watching TV

PollyPerky Sun 12-Mar-17 21:11:02

in middle age we all lose around 1lb muscle mass a year. That means that we aren't using as many calories- muscle uses more calories than fat- even when we sit still.
Men and women get fatter in mid life unless they eat less and exercise more.

OP your diet may be healthy but if you eat the same amount as pre meno and don't exercise, weight will creep on. Portion size is important- you can still eat the same healthy food but maybe 2/3rds are a 1/2 of what you needed before will be enough!

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