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Is this perimenopause

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whatisforteamum Sat 11-Mar-17 08:44:42

I have posted on other mn boards for advice as Gp is thinking this is a few things going on.I am 50 and have a Morena coil so no periods for ten yrs as I suffered heavy bleeding for yrs.
About six weeks ago I started to feel overwhelming anxiety when driving.nausea dizzy and crap.I missed work on the Monday and my FEMA!e boss suggested the menopause which had never occurred to me.
I then took to the bus and lifts for work but had to miss two More Mondays my longest day as I feel overwhelmed at. Catching the bus.A total lack of interest in life and confidence in myself from a previously bubbly motivated person.
The gp I spoke go on the said it could be three things including peri however the gp I saw said oestrogen were in normal range.Could this sudden nausea be peri and general anxiety one day it actually felt like morning sickness Although my male boss had a stomach virus....Help

whatisforteamum Sat 11-Mar-17 10:46:21

Sorry for spellings on my tablet

babayjane67 Sat 11-Mar-17 12:32:51

Yes it still could be meno even with normal hormonal range.
the test doesn't really mean anything as it needs to be done more than once BUT the new NICE guidelines say that anyone over 45 I think it is doesn't need to be tested anyway& Dr should assume it's meno& suggest hrt.
Pollyperky is an excellent source of information on here& has helped lots if us to get/fight for the right treatment for us. So I'm sure she will be able to help u more but I didn't wanna leave u with no reply.
The same happened to me got very low/anxious bit panicky.horrendous mood swings!went to Dr she did a test hormones were normal range so she said I was depressed gave me anti ds!anyway long story short after asking on here& talking my mum& older sister I did my own research& went bk to her&i am now on hrt patches for 3 months initially to see how it works.we can up it if need be.
I've been on it a wk& it definitely seems to be helping!
Read the NICE guidelines,easy to google,print it off if u can& go bk to yr Dr armed with what you've learned!
Good luck!

whatisforteamum Sat 11-Mar-17 13:06:43

Thank you so much.I never read up on the meñopause as I had ashamed wrongly that the hot flushes would Bethe first symptom.*assumed.
I just seemed to have lost all confidence and positivity the last few weeks.If I don't feel better after my weeks sick leave I will go back.Thanks for replying.

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