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Elleste solo mx80-is this a low dose??

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mazarineblue Sun 26-Feb-17 13:25:19

Just that really-i have a mirena which suits me really well (no periods for the last 12 years etc), Dr originally had me on a .40mcg patch but is doubling it from this week as I still feel hot, tired, can't concentrate etc. Is the new dose still low? I'm finding it hard to compare with other get available as they are all calculated differently...

PollyPerky Sun 26-Feb-17 17:18:46

No- that is a high patch. If you look at the website Menopause Matters /Treatments/ HRT/ menu you will see ALL HRT preps.

37mcgs is low, 50 medium, 75 and 100 are high.

mazarineblue Sun 26-Feb-17 22:45:55

Thank you Polly helpful as always , never sure how to compare these things. Hopefully the higher dose will stop me feeling hot and forgetful, fingers crossed!

PollyPerky Mon 27-Feb-17 08:34:42

I made a bit of a mistake with this- that formula doesn't seem to be listed on Menopause Matters site. However, a quick google shows what's in it and the difference between the 40mcgs. The 40mcgs is 1.5mgs daily and the 80 is 2.5 mgs daily.

PollyPerky Mon 27-Feb-17 08:35:10

Sorry- 1.25mgs and 2.5mgs.

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