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ANOTHER Mirena and the Menopause thread!

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Daisychain06 Wed 22-Feb-17 19:24:16

Sorry for another thread on the Mirena but none of the other threads cover my problems. I'm 49 and on my 2nd Mirena. 1st one in for 5 years, no periods for majority of time then very light for the last 12/18 months. 2nd Mirena put in when 44. For the last 5 years periods getting worse and worse. Now have them every 3 weeks, lasting at least a week though not majorly heavy. PMT very apparent, mood swings, no interest in sex what so ever, very low self esteem, very overweight but eat very little etc etc . Suppose the question is is this the start of the menopause or Mirena? Do I leave it in for another couple of years or get it removed? Do I still need contraception and if so what? (I can't take no chances!) Should I be taking HRT to help? Sorry for the questions but I really do not know who can tell you the answers to these things.

PollyPerky Wed 22-Feb-17 20:26:55

Have you thought about the possibility that the Mirena is just worn out? They say it lasts 5 years for heavy periods. It sounds as if it's lost its hormones and you are also in peri meno which causes irregular periods and the other symptoms.
You could get it replaced to control the bleeding and add in oestrogen so you'd have HRT. (This is considered the gold standard form.) You could have one as long as you want as part of HRT but they need replacing every 4 years for that.
With the weight it's a case of eating less- metabolism really slows down around this age so eating the same as we did in our 30-40s doesn't work any more!

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