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Evorel conti hrt

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Hellothereitsme Wed 15-Feb-17 20:36:51

Today I kind the strength to see a doctor about vaginal dryness. It is has to the stage where I can't take the pain anymore and ultimately I see the GP or stop having a sex life.

The GP has prescribed evorel conti patches. Only 8 patches so only a months worth so need to go back to pharmacy as I'm sure the GP said two mths.

So I don't really know what my questions are. I just hope that I can continue to have a sex life as I am only 52 and currently going through a divorce as a result of H affair so not feeling to great about all this aging stuff.

PollyPerky Wed 15-Feb-17 20:49:07

Might be worth you going to the Menopause Matters website and having a good read of the section on vaginal atrophy - which is dry vagina.

Your GP hasn't really prescribed the right treatment. (Yet again!)
If you have no other meno symptoms apart from vaginal / bladder then the treatment is vaginal estrogen in the forms of a cream or a tiny wax pessary- namely Ovestin or Vagifem.

Systemic HRT which you have been given is only used if local oestrogen doesn't work.
I'm sorry but you have been given the wrong treatment.

Many women need full HRT AND local vaginal treatment but the correct way to deal with this is local creams first and full HRT 2nd. OR if you had other bad meno symptoms you'd have systemic HRT first and top up with vaginal creams if necessary.

Have a read online- there is loads about it, including the NICE menopause guidelines.

PollyPerky Wed 15-Feb-17 20:51:02

Here's the link- save you searching. back to your GP or preferably another one who knows what they are doing.

Also- conti HRT?? Are you at least 1 year post meno (no periods at all) as conti is for women who are.

PollyPerky Wed 15-Feb-17 20:52:59

Also- sorry for the posts- the treatment can take up to 6 months (cream or systemic) to reverse the changes fully.

What is the dr thinking of giving you only a month?

Hellothereitsme Wed 15-Feb-17 21:09:05

Oh no that's not good!! Thank you PollyPerky. There was I thinking I had done well. I have sweats at night but only occasionally and not enough for me to go on HRT with. It is the vaginal dryness that I am concerned about. I will read up on what you have suggested. 2 years without periods so GP got that right I suppose! Female GP too. Thank you for your help looks like I'm back to the GP. I'm tempted to see a private menopause specialist now.

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