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Anything to be done about loss of sex drive?

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pfrench Mon 13-Feb-17 14:28:08

I'm only 43! Had the first FHS test after no period for 5 months... very high (88), but then a random period arrived and stuck around for 3 weeks, am now sort of having periods again, but they are dribbly/nonexistent and just enough to make sex a bit 'urgh'.

I'm just not as interested in sex as I was, no where near. Might be something to do with just being tired from normal life, but even on holiday I'm all 'meh' about it. I feel sorry for my partner, and me to a degree, we used to have a great sex life.

Anything I can do? I can't go on HRT, so there is nothing the GP can do for me.

PollyPerky Mon 13-Feb-17 19:55:17

Why can't you go on HRT?

chickensaresafehere Tue 14-Feb-17 08:58:32

Same here pfrench .
Polly was very helpful when I was doubting my GP's opinion.But I am back at the GP's on Friday,a lot more knowledgeable & I am asking for HRT.
My periods are hit & miss,if I miss one,The PMT I get before the next one is horrendous,my libido is non existent,which isn't like me & makes me sad.I'm tired most of the time and my brains like cotton wool.
I went to the GP,as the gabapentin she gave me for the hot flushes made me feel worse,so she offered me SSRI's instead,which I refused (have had episodes of depression in the past,but had over a year of private CBT & counselling) but every time I visit the doctors now,with whatever,they bring it back to depression & want to prescribe me SSRI's?!
Polly linked me to the NICE guidelines on menopause & the menopause matters website,which was very helpful.
So I'm going in meaning business on Friday as I cannot carry on like this,it's miserable.

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