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Please tell me your boobs hurt

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Mummytron Mon 06-Feb-17 17:33:38

Posted a while back but didn't get as much feedback as I expected.
My boobs hurt at certain times of the month and more my right than left.
It hurts a week before I'm due on and ovulation time. It isn't agony but achy and perhaps stingy.
A friend of mine works in a breast clinic and said it's hormones and normal for one to suffer more than the other but I wondered if anyone else suffered dithering this?

user1486415120 Mon 06-Feb-17 21:39:38

Yes! It's completely normal. Mine are painful on the week running up to my period. Once my period starts, the pain subsides quite quickly!

seventhgonickname Thu 23-Feb-17 01:40:17

Normal for some I think,mine got much larger and very tender the week before.

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