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Looking for a hormone "expert" consultant

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Karen333 Wed 01-Feb-17 22:26:43

Dose anyone know of a hormone expert??

I am menopausal, have fibromyalgia too so I would like someone who can look at thyroid, estrogen, testosterone etc. So many fibro symptoms overlap with menopause/thyroid,

I'm in the midlands but will travel,


Maidofdishonour Wed 01-Feb-17 22:31:06

I'm menopausal, have fibro and a load of autoimmune diseases including Grave's disease (thyroid) and coeliac. I have yet to find an endocrinologist who will think outside of their specialism so I tend to ask my GP for specific blood tests. I managed to diagnose my self with both the thyroid and coeliac as they were utterly clueless about it.

PollyPerky Thu 02-Feb-17 08:16:20

My suggestion is that you look at some of the top private hospitals in London - King Edward 7 and the Lister, Chelsea, and look at their websites under menopause / gynaes, or endocrinologists. Have a look at the profiles of the consultants. Presume you mean you can go privately and not NHS?

Triskel Wed 22-Feb-17 16:22:51

Try Professor Wass in Oxford.

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