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Any advice on sore breast

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Mummytron Mon 30-Jan-17 17:07:51

Hi all
I've posted on general health but thought you might be able to help over here.
I have a sore right breast. Not really painful but uncomfortable. My nipple is sore too. I've had a check and can't feel anything untoward. It's a bit like when you're pregnant if you know what I mean? (I'm not by the way!!)
I am perimenopausal and at the ovulation stage of the month so wondered if it could be hormones?
Any ideas?

PollyPerky Mon 30-Jan-17 17:38:19

If this is something new for you, I'd go and see your GP asap. Maybe give it a day or two and see what happens. I used to get sore nipples - both sides- as part of PMS, for years and years and it used to go immediately the period started.
If this isn't your experience normally, you should see your GP to report any changes in your breasts.

lovechocolate123 Mon 30-Jan-17 21:07:28

My right boob has started to feel really sore too! My period is due in 5 days. I am really worried. I suffer from health anxiety so not good. I am wondering if it is hormones?

Mummytron Mon 30-Jan-17 21:37:22

I have health anxiety too! Fun isn't it!! I'm sure mine is hormones but always worry x

lovechocolate123 Tue 31-Jan-17 21:56:16

That's what I think! People keep saying I am too young. I am 43 . How old are you? Have you been to see a doctor about it

PollyPerky Tue 31-Jan-17 22:35:03

If this is not usual for you, then see your GP. If it's hormonal it will happen at roughly the same time each month usually mid cycle to the end of a cycle - PMS. If it is not like this, see your dr! It doesn't mean it is menopause- I had sore nipples and boobs with PMS all my life from teens to 50s!

Mummytron Thu 02-Feb-17 19:33:40

I'm 41 but have a history of early menopause (44) in mother and sister. It went off and came back in both nipples so certainly feels hormonal. Will keep an eye on it I guess x

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