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Very scant period suddenly

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mumof2kiddos Sun 22-Jan-17 22:40:29

I am 44 and since last 1 year I have suffered tremendously due to extremely heavy bleeding which was diagnosed as fibroids. 2 small ones were found and removed in July last year and periods have been mostly regular, slightly more manageable and better cycle time (26-30 days instead of 23-24 days as before) and almost normal in comparison to what I was having during my fibroid nightmare.

Then suddenly last month, my periods went on for like 12 days with last 5-6 days just tailing off spotting. This month I was 6 days late and very surprisingly the bleeding has reduced dramatically, like a tenth of what I would normally have. Naturally I am very worried as to why this is happening that too all of a sudden. Have I entered the menopause? My mum was 38 when she had hysterectomy due to fibroids but her sisters were 50+ when they hit meno. Last usg was on Sept 15, a follicle was observed on one of my ovaries so I guess I was still ovulating at that point. Apart from tiredness (which I have it for a good few years) and dizzyness (again that too for quite a while) I dont feel any different, except an anxiety that I might have hit menopause.

So what I would like to know, what does this sudden scant period indicate? Any idea? Should I get it checked by GP?
Many thanks.

PollyPerky Mon 23-Jan-17 08:23:14

It's peri menopause! Anywhere from early 40s to early 50s things start to change!
The wind down can take up to 10 years or as few as two.
Menopause is from 45-55 (ish) and 52 is average but many women's periods have stopped by they are late 40s and it doesn't usually happen overnight.

You can't always go by mum's experiences. It usually follows but not always. I've got 2 friends whose mums had early menos ( late 30s) but friends went on to late 40s and early 50s.

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