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Crazy periods!

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Titsywoo Fri 06-Jan-17 10:23:38

So firstly I can't be pregnant as dh has a vasectomy. Also I have blood filled fallopian tubes which are damaged from a pelvic infection 6 years ago. I have a lot of internal scarring behind my womb too. So basically I am almost definitely infertile at this stage.

My period have been up and down in the last 5 years (often get a few close together - 16 days was the shortest cycle but 21 days happened a lot). I used to be always spot on 28 days. This year they have been from 21 days then back to 27 then 40 days then back to 25 and currently I am in day 36 with no period in sight. I'm only 38 so seems early for menopause and recent blood tests Inc fsh were normal. I also am getting very tired in the late afternoon but can't sleep at night (although blood tests showed low folate level). Getting more and more irritable and have had some full on pmt days and I never used to get that. Getting lots of hair on back, shoulders and chest. I was tested for pcos in my teens but didn't have it and the scans and laparoscopy I had in last two years didn't show it on my ovaries.

Any ideas? Feel like the GP won't take me seriously tbh as it doesn't seem that bad.

Titsywoo Sat 07-Jan-17 22:17:02


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