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Menopause/ vaginal dryness/ kidney pain

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Realjournal123 Fri 06-Jan-17 00:58:35

Please help!
I'm currently going through the menopause - hot flushes, vaginal dryness bla bla bla.
However over the last couple of days I've become seriously worried that there might be something seriously wrong. Firstly after intercourse I always bleed and the sex is so painful. The thing I'm so concerned about is for the last year or so I've been experiencing excruciating pain down my left side each morning which seems to come from my kidney and I can hardly get out of bed with it. If I sneeze sometimes I'm almost collapsing! I've had smears and scans on the kidneys but nothing is showing up. Does anybody else have any experience of this or have heard of this combo before? I'd love to hear more. So worried about it.

PollyPerky Fri 06-Jan-17 08:36:10

Are you not using any vaginal estrogen creams to stop the dryness? How old are you and how far along the peri meno . meno route? Have you thought about using HRT to help with the other symptoms?

There is no way you should be having to put up with pain during sex. Go to your GP and get sorted! smile Two products- Ovestin cream or Vagifem pessaries are used twice a week for life to sort vaginal soreness - it will get worse if you don't treat it.

How do you know this is kidney pain? It might be your spine. Have you had a DEXA scan of your bones to see if you have a fractured vertebra?

It's certainly not normal to have kidney pain - IF it's that! You need more tests to see what it is.

Realjournal123 Fri 06-Jan-17 10:44:27

Thanks Pollyperky, I will get those creams. I do t think it's spinal as its only usually in the mornings. I drink plenty of fluids but I still think it's the kidney. Ice had it looked at 3 times and whilst he tells me I have a small cyst in the kidney, which I was shocked at, he tells me the cyst will not cause any pain or trouble. He told me not to worry about anything and not to comeback for a year!!

PollyPerky Fri 06-Jan-17 10:59:59

If you have pain that makes you want to collapse it ought to be investigated with something like an MRI scan if they can't come up with any other answers!

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