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I have read some threads and spoken to a friend but if anyone is kind enough to comment , please do :)

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edithqueens Wed 04-Jan-17 03:55:55

I am thinking of going to Gp to check whether all normal. I am probably woefully ill informed so if anyone could comment then I would be grateful.

I am 53. I have been having what I assume are hot flushes (often at night but also sometimes during the day, hard to regulate my temperature if I have been out and about in cold weather in a coat but then get too overheated iyswim).

My periods have become much heavier recently and also have noticed "clots" (sorry if TMI) .

The reason I am thinking of going to the Gp is that my most recent period has lasted from just before Christmas and is still going on now. This is not normal for me.

If I am honest, I think I have just stuck my head in the sand about all this. The friend I spoke to did HRT for some years and has now stopped but so have her symptoms - she is about 7 years older than me.

I know the internet is not really the answer and I need to go and speak to my Gp but can anyone give me any advice as to whether what I have described resonates? I am also tired a lot but wonder whether that is also related.

I apologise in that I am sure all of this has been discussed a lot of times but I think this is the first time I have actually thought about this properly rather than just ignoring it. I will book a GP appointment but I actually feel better for just typing this out and posting. (You will see from the time I could not get comfortable between duvet on - too hot - duvet off - too cold - need the loo - etc ) so have made a cup of tea and back off to try again grin

Thanks anyone for reading.

ToEarlyForDecorations Wed 04-Jan-17 04:09:46

I'm up because I woke in the night wanting a cup of tea. I blame the little bit of alcohol I had last night.

However, not to be flippant, please go to your doctor.

I had galloping heavy painful periods for the last five years and went to my doctor and was prescribed transenemic acid. A godsend.

My periods have got irregular and on reading a menopause symptoms thread on MN I'm right up there. Joint stiffness - for me it's the middle finger or my left hand. Unexplained areas of, 'hives' on my skin sometimes for no reason and I don't get hives. Well, didn't anyway.

I understand that no period for a year if you are over 50 is an indicator of menopause. Well, my last full period was December after months of irregular half hearted periods. I will be 50 in June.

Out2pasture Wed 04-Jan-17 04:26:56

edith do speak to a dr. I found most online information was funded by various pharmaceutical companies and had an agenda.
obviously if you are still having periods your not yet menopausal but it's a great time to become informed in preparation.

DramaAlpaca Wed 04-Jan-17 04:33:21

Yes go & have a chat to your GP. There's lots of options available. I hear you, menopausal symptoms are a pain but you don't have to put up with them.

stjosephsbabyaspirin Wed 04-Jan-17 05:23:17

I would go to your GP. With heavy periods you may be low in iron / anaemic which would explain the tiredness. I had this a couple of years ago. Had to take iron tablets and was prescribed tranexamic acid to take during periods to stop them being so heavy. I think this stage is called perimenopause - ie just before the actual menopause.
I also had hot flushes but they were liveable with so haven't (yet) felt the need for HRT.
Definitely go to the GP and get your iron levels checked. Hope you get sorted.

edithqueens Wed 04-Jan-17 08:18:02

Oh my goodness, didn't expect such quick responses. Thanks all, I think you are right, I need to go and see GP, and what you have all posted has turned that from a "I really ought to" to a "I must book it" thing, so thank you for that. The hot flushes are liveable with but certainly the very heavy periods and the tiredness are unusual so if there is anything I can do about that then that would be good. I will make an appointment. I am assuming because of my age all these things are (peri) menopausal symptoms , which is fine - I just wish it would hurry up and get it over with smile .

edithqueens Wed 04-Jan-17 08:20:15

Meant to say the very heavy periods have been going on for a while but this long lasting one is unusual. I'll go and speak to GP.
Thank you all.

hesterton Wed 04-Jan-17 08:22:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PollyPerky Wed 04-Jan-17 08:28:21

what you describe are typical signs of menopause / peri menopause.

I suggest you have a good old read of everything on this website which is written and owned by Dr Heather Currie who is the Chair of the British Menopause Society and a consultant gynaecologist.

There are also books out there which are helpful, including Your Change, Your Choice by Michael Dooley, a leading menopause expert/ consultant gynaecologist and gives a very balanced view of treatments and what's happening to your body.

The obvious answer for you is HRT ideally with a Mirena coil to help stop your periods. You don't have to put up with any of this- treatments are out there and they are safe and effective.

edithqueens Wed 04-Jan-17 11:33:26

Thank you all for your advice. Just to say , it has spurred me on and I have actually booked a doctor's appointment (early next week) . I think it can wait that long as it has taken me so long to think about it - but really thank you one and all - I actually have a proper appointment to speak to someone. Also thank you for the links.

I do not know why I just avoided addressing this for so long - probably a "it's just what happens" mentality , but what has been (apart from anything else) so useful about posting here , is that it has made me do something. And of all the symptoms I have, possibly not the most serious, but certainly the one that meant I didn't actually do anything was the tiredness. I am normally a competent and intelligent woman ( you wouldn't think it would you ) but just feeling constantly like you are not firing on all cylinders is draining and stops you doing things you would normally take in your stride. I hope that doesn't make me sound too rubbish.

Anyway thank you to everyone who has taken the time. I think and believe you have made me do the right thing. Thank You.

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