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Quick question

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Coffeefacescrub Tue 03-Jan-17 19:30:55


I've just had the coil fitted and start taking oesteogen gel on Thursday. I wasn't having any flushes but my mood was very unpredictable.

When does this stuff start to kick in - i.e. when will I notice changes? Good and bad - obviously, I'm hoping for less of the bad.

And I read that mirena coil caused hair loss in some women! Is this true of many?

Pjmac1961 Fri 20-Jan-17 18:30:24

Does anyone have any knowledge of ovarian cysts being caused by evorel conti patches? I have gone through the menopause and suddenly started having bleeding every other week and now have cysts on my ovaries. The consultant thinks it is because of the patches but I don't know? Any comments will be appreciated if anybody has been through the same?

Slightlyperturbedowlagain Fri 20-Jan-17 18:36:44

The mirena gets linked to an enormous number of things, but there are a lot of women who love it like I do. It has changed my life. Seems to be very individual so they only way to find out is to try it. Mine took about a year to settle down but I've not menstruated since.

PollyPerky Sat 21-Jan-17 09:40:36

Pjmac Bleeding off and on for up to 6 months is normal with conti HRT- you ought to have been told to expect this.

It should settle down or if you don't want conti HRT you can still use sequential, which gives a regular monthly 'period'.

How do you know about the cysts? Have you had a scan? Depending on how much post meno you are, you might still have some ovarian activity / ovarian reserve function which is being stimulated by oestrogen and causing the cysts.

What do they plan to do about them?

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