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Phantom Period & Contraception

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fallenempires Mon 02-Jan-17 17:01:45

Thank you PollyPerky for the link you gave me yesterday I know now that I'm not going mad!smile
So what happens now regarding contraception?We usually just use condoms mid cycle & it's worked well for us,but I don't fancy years of that.
I'm also unable to take the pill.
Any suggestions welcome.

PollyPerky Mon 02-Jan-17 17:10:37

Unless you want another child then use contraception every time smile
I have a child almost 30 now, conceived during what was not near mid-cycle. They were very much wanted, but certainly not expected.

Copper coil? Mirena? Mini pill?

fallenempires Mon 02-Jan-17 17:15:06

Hahaha yes! I would have loved another with my new but LT partner but we sadly didn't get around to it at the right time.
Which of the coils are the better option do you think?

PollyPerky Mon 02-Jan-17 17:31:49

Ooooh- it's personal choice really.

The Mirena has the bonus of being the progesterone part of HRT so if you want to use HRT you just need oestrogen alongside.

It also reduces or stops bleeding altogether in some women. On the other hand some women find they have side effects from it.

Guess you have to have a think and give one a whirl!

fallenempires Mon 02-Jan-17 17:51:25

That sounds good.I'm seeing the GP this week anyway so will ask about it then.Thank you once doubt with the phantom period I will be frequenting this board now!grin

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