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Prempac C HRT verses Elleste

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Dreamweaver8019 Wed 23-Nov-16 14:03:59

I am 50 years old and the GP perscribed the lowest dose of Prempac C in March of this year, I have recently been back to the GP as I have been suffering hot sweats, mainly at night. The GP has increased the dosage and I have been taking them for one week and I have had more hot sweats than usual, today I have had to take the day as I had no sleep at all, one hot sweat after another.
A friend has recommended Elleste she said her hot sweats stopped really quickly on this HRT.
Has anyone suffered similar symptoms on Prempac C, I appreciate the feedback.

PollyPerky Wed 23-Nov-16 15:12:24

It's the dose that usually helps not the brand. If you've only been on your higher dose for a week, it's possibly just too soon for the extra estrogen to build up in your system to show any improvement. (When I started HRT using Oestrogel, I gave each dose a good few weeks to see if it made any difference.)

The only other things you might want to consider are:
Prempak is one of the oldest types of HRT and contains CEE- Conjugated Equine Estrogen (made from horse urine [equine estrogen]) . It is the only one along with Premarin that is, it's still used in the US a lot but in the UK there are loads of other types of HRT that contain estradiol which is the same as we produce ourselves (estrogen made from plants). Some people think this is better and safer as it's the same molecules as our own estrogen.

You are also on a conti regime? (No bleed?) Is this because you are 12 months at least post meno? if not, you might feel better on a sequential type ( monthly bleed) .

Elleste is just one of a number of options for you- have a look at all the types available on Menopause Matters website - menu at the top under Treatments/ HRT.

Dreamweaver8019 Wed 23-Nov-16 15:28:06

Thank you for your advice.

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