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Could this be perimenopause?

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Fianceechickie Tue 22-Nov-16 23:52:44

I'm 38 and for about the past year I've been getting the following symptoms: mood swings (I can get in to mini rages at times!), occasional night sweats, terrible flooding periods (always been v heavy though), bloating, random bouts of extreme tiredness, insomnia. I've said all this to my GP who doubted it could be peri as periods still regular (ish). She has also done blood test which said my hormones were normal but I still can't help feeling that I'm not quite the same as I used to be! Also have less sex drive. GP puts it down to anxiety and IBS. my mum had normal age menopause but my Nan was v early (39). Any thoughts/experiences would be interesting! Thank you!

DragonNoodleCake Wed 30-Nov-16 23:06:02

I'm 39!! I could have written your post. I have a horrendous period just now and my latest symptom is a buzzing or vibration sensation high up in my vagina. Wtf??
Maybe it's just our bodies being odd?

Fianceechickie Wed 30-Nov-16 23:39:24

Really? I've not had that (yet!) but good to know it's not just me on the other stuff. I've had some odd joint pains and weird feelings in the side of my head around ovulation time too and ovary pain for ages around ovulation. Appetite very up and down too. I spend months hungry all the time and months with much less appetite. Also nauseous at times...I could go on. There's loads of stuff!

SirVixofVixHall Wed 30-Nov-16 23:56:56

All sounds very typical for PM. It can last for up to a decade and things shift about, so it still may be many years before periods stop. Worth repeating bloods though, or asking to see a specialist (or going private if you can afford it). Partly as early menopause is a risk for osteoporosis so you may need and want hormone supplementation.

SirVixofVixHall Wed 30-Nov-16 23:58:15

Oh and the buzzing thing is something I've seen mentioned as a peri-meno symptom in some women. Strange!

MistresssIggi Thu 01-Dec-16 00:16:56

I've recently had a normal hormone blood test too. I do wonder how big the range for "normal" is as I'm sure something is going on!

DragonNoodleCake Fri 02-Dec-16 22:17:18

Thanks Vix... it's very annoying, especially when I'm trying to sleep.

blueistheonlycolourwefeel Fri 02-Dec-16 22:26:16

My periods have been all over the place from bang on 28 day cycle down to 17 days and back up to 28 and everything in between, terrible hot flushes and insomnia.
Watching with interest. I'm 41.

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