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Very specific anxiety

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KittyOShea Mon 21-Nov-16 19:01:38

Is this a menopause thing?

I have an almost panic attack level of anxiety around walking on slippy footpaths- I mean breaking out in a sweat, stomach churning, crying, frozen to the spot panic. It started last winter and shows no signs of abating.

I don't drive and therefore this can be very debilitating- how can I get to work if I can't walk on the footpaths?

Am 42 and had 2 periods in the last year. Fertility doc (we were ttc but no point now really) said I would hit full blown menopause soon as egg reserve almost done.

Could this anxiety be menopause related even though it doesn't relate to any other aspect of life apart from a fear of falling?

And if so (or if not) what can I do about it? Currently spending a fortune on taxis or torturing DH for lifts to avoid walking on slippy paths

80sWaistcoat Mon 21-Nov-16 19:06:15

Might be, falling oestrogen levels can lead to anxiety. I got weird vertigo type concerns and had to force myself to walk up the v steep steps to work. Worried about falling off pavements. All a bit weird but has sort of gone now, mostly.

If you are perimenopausal it is a bit young and you should probably read up on HRT to replace your oestrogen.

Sorry about the ttc.

KittyOShea Mon 21-Nov-16 19:08:54

Thanks 80s. Did it just sort itself out or did you take any supplements or HRT or anything? Yes unfortunately young and means we'll never have DC but trying to look at the positives of that and plan a different life for ourselves maybe somewhere sunny where I don't have to worry about icy footpaths

80sWaistcoat Mon 21-Nov-16 19:19:03

South of France is quite ice free...

Menopace, Agnus castus and the pill to supply dome oestrogen, it helped. Started peri about 36/37. 47 now and have come off pill to see if periods have stopped so I can just take oestrogen. I'm a bit progesterone intolerant...

Taking stuff to help with menopause helped, I'd have happily taken HRT but it made me quit depressed so has to find something else.

Good luck. I'm sure there'll be someone else sling with advice. Something like hypnosis might help too.

KittyOShea Mon 21-Nov-16 19:27:48

Thanks so much.

MaQueen Sun 27-Nov-16 23:56:13

Yes, definitely peri menopausal. My symptoms arrived out of nowhere just after I turned 43. And looking back, there had been several 'warning shots' in the 3 years prior to that.

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