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Mirena coil

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Towardslight Thu 17-Nov-16 14:19:45

So, I posted on here a little while ago about feeling really peri, but mostly emotional and tiredness. No sweats/flushes.

My doc did a range of tests and FSH came back at 90. LH - 40. She doesn't expect me to get another period (which was quite sad actually, hearing that).

Because it's an early menopause (I'm 46), and I have osteopenia, and osteoporisis in family (But also breast cancer) she does suggest considering HRT.

She thought the mirena coil might be a good idea for the progesterone/with separate oestrogen

Any thoughts? I took the pill briefly years ago and it sent me slightly nuts. I'm worried a) I'll get fat b) get depression even worse.

And before you all shoot me, I am also going to see a bio-identical doctor to consider all options.

Advice welcome! Thank you

PollyPerky Thu 17-Nov-16 15:24:40

Your dr has offered you the gold standard of treatment so grab it with both hands.

My consultant only regards breast cancer as an issue if it's 2 first degree relatives under the age of 40 who've had it. (Considering 1:9 women will get breast cancer we could all possibly say it was in the family at some time.)
But obviously , you know your own family.
The latest thinking and my own consultant confirmed this recently is that oestrogen does not cause breast cancer but promotes the growth if it is already there - it would grow anyway but maybe take longer.

Synthetic progestogens are the 'devil' perhaps. The Mirena is less of an issue as the hormone should stay in your uterus, but I have heard that breast specialists favour Utrogestan (micronised progesterone.)

I'd not bother with a dr offering compounded HRT - all HRT on the NHS is 'bio identical' in that it's the same as what we produce. I think you mean the sort that is made just for you in a lab. Waste of money- you'll get the same from gel and a progestogen.

Cherylene Thu 17-Nov-16 15:25:22

It is a good idea to start hrt if you reach menopause under 51 as it slows down the loss calcium from the bone.

Mirena is also good at this stage as it provides contraception as well as the progestogen part of hrt. Even if your FSH is 90 now, you can't bbe sure that you will not ovulate and have periods - it is not that predictable. Mirena is good for 4/5 years. You may get bleeding at first but it should fizzle out. Women who have it for menopause are usually much happier with it.

You can use oestrogen patches or gel with it - these are both bioidentical (estrodiol) and this is better than tablets, as it does not have to go through the liver first.

Bioidentical progesterone is also available on prescription - utrogestan/micronized progesterone. This is a bit more expensive (for your doctor), and you would have to have a monthly bleed at this stage.

The increased risk for breast cancer at this stage is very small, and not as much as drinking or obesity. If you combine your hrt with healthy eating and exercise, you are in a win win position grin.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Thu 17-Nov-16 23:47:25

I have a Mirena for the progesterone component part of my HRT and use Estrogel with it and I am very happy with it so far.

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