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Post Hysterectomy HRT

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Threecherries Wed 16-Nov-16 21:45:52

I had a total hysterectomy in July and started on 50 mg patches, but I don't feel it's quite enough. I'm not having hot flushes at all but I still feel panicky sometimes (I was on prostap injections for 5 months prior to surgery and was having panic attacks as well as flushes).

Should I be going up a dose? I'd also wonder if I'd be better with the gel, my consultant recommended it but i thought it might be a bit messy and I'd already started on the patches by then.

I'd love some thoughts before I go back to my GP (not due to see consultant again).

PollyPerky Wed 16-Nov-16 22:09:42

If you use gel you can split the dose morning and evening so all you'd need to apply is one pump each time which is very little. (2 pumps daily is the recommended dose.) or if you need to increase to 3 or 4 pumps daily you can still split and apply to upper arms or thighs.

I use 2 pumps and split the dose. I apply half a pump to each arm every am and pm.

Threecherries Fri 18-Nov-16 17:20:48

Thank you Polly it sounds more flexible than patches.

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