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Not sure what is going on

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PutDownThatLaptop Fri 28-Oct-16 00:43:52

I am not sure if the menopause is starting as I always understood that a woman's mother's age at menopause was an indicator of the likely time that it would happen to her daughter. My mother was very late (late fifties) and I am 45.
My periods have become longer and longer (7 to 10 days) over the past few years but now they come every three weeks with some bleeding in between. They have always been heavy and still are but are now even more excruciatingly painful than ever. The pain is ruining my life it is so severe. I have only become hot a handful of times. What do you think? Is this the start?

PollyPerky Fri 28-Oct-16 08:23:00

I'd pop along to your GP first to make sure there is nothing else going on like a fibroid or uterine polyps- they might cause odd and heavier bleeding. Ask your GP to arrange a scan. You shouldn't put up with periods like this - help is out there from meds or whatever is needed.

Your mum was unusual to go to late 50s- very rare. (Over 55 is considered very late.) I've got friends whose mums had early menos, but my friends went to the average age more or less, so it doesn't always follow the family pattern. Unfortunately the wind down you're having could carry on for another few years up to the average age of 51.

PutDownThatLaptop Fri 28-Oct-16 12:04:40

Thank you for the advice. I will go and speak to the doctor - the thought of this going on for years is terrifying.

BG2015 Sat 29-Oct-16 08:07:22

Yes definitely go and get it checked.

So impressed with my GP and my local hospital. Saw my GP in May and by the beginning of October I was in hospital having a procedure to stop my heavy/prolonged bleeding.

troubleatmill2011 Sat 29-Oct-16 08:36:09

That sounds just like me OP, been to the Dr's and had blood tests and ultrasound last week and have been diagnosed with a fibroid and cyst. They also mention I could be pre menopausal too. Definitely get yourself to you GP, help is out there. Let us know how you get on. PM me if you need anything else smile

troubleatmill2011 Sat 29-Oct-16 08:36:37

Forgot to mention, I'm 42

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