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Early Menopause

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SheDoesntEvenGoHere Thu 27-Oct-16 13:44:22

Sorry posted elsewhere but didnt know this was here!

Hi All

Looking for a bit of advice please. Im 28 years old, havent had a proper cycle in a few years periods getting lighter and eventually havent had one in nearly 12 months. Got blood results back and advised borderline (tested hormone levels to check for Premature ovarian failure)

Yes i knew something was wrong so i went to my GP. I was not expecting this. I know it hasnt been confirmed yet have another appointment in the AM but i would just like to have information before i go.

Has anyone else been through this so early? Did you have options? I would love kids in the future but am single. Do i have to act now?


PollyPerky Thu 27-Oct-16 14:44:07


You need to read the website and maybe join this charity which has its own forum. it's run by drs from a hospital in London.

SheDoesntEvenGoHere Thu 27-Oct-16 15:08:18

Thank you PollyPerky

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