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Mirena coil, so no period..but other symptoms

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Morporkia Wed 26-Oct-16 13:42:40

Hi, I'm 43 and have had mirena coils fitted since my DD was born 18 years ago. been happy with it as my previously heavy periods dropped to almost zero...would have mild back and tummyache, followed by light bleeding for a couple of days every 3 months. However, since i had a new one fitted a year ago, the bleeding has been replaced with thrush and if i do have a bleed (last one was June,) it has been literally half an hour of light spotting) but since then i have been getting regular (monthly) PMT like i'm a teenager with an anger management issue and bi-polar. eg. i cried for 3 hours because my DH wouldn't let me nick a chip off his plate.. then screamed like a banshee into the mirror because i had managed to miss a bit when i home-dyed my hair. added to that the aches, pains, insomnia...i have also had a few hot flushes, but have had sinus infection recently so it may be that...any advice would be helpful..i don't want to waste GP's time if it's avoidable.

imbloodygreatme Wed 26-Oct-16 13:50:23

Morporkia I think I'm in a similar situation. Although mine is with the implant. I had a new one fitted in Feb and have recently started having the symptoms u describe. Although I cried because Princess Sophia let her mate sing the national anthem confused. I'm 42 and My mother went through Menopause at 48. So I'm just trying to self medicate for period pain and hibernate for Pmt. maybe a visit to the doctor won't do any harm.

Morporkia Wed 26-Oct-16 14:21:05

i probably will go to GP soon. but i don't want to take HRT.... and i'm also worried that they will take my coil out. that's probably irrational, but i still worry...oh and panic attacks are happening for the first time ever! one threatened in supermarket the other day..luckily my DH spotted that i was getting overwhelmed in there and was getting a bit breathless and started making lewd suggestions about cucumbers to make me did work tbf...

PollyPerky Wed 26-Oct-16 15:43:39

If you a having an early menopause ( before 45 and well before the average of 52) then the medical advice is to use HRT. This is to protect your bones and heart in later life. HRT under 52 does not carry any of the small risks that apply to older women. Suggest you do some reading around early menopause and treatment.

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