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Post Menopausal at 44 - HRT?

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OctoberCarrot Tue 25-Oct-16 06:37:08

I haven't had periods for 4 years after the birth of first child and before birth of second child. Wrote a year off for post partum but haven't had any periods at all so 2/3 years in. Doctor did blood test and confirmed menopause. Have had very little in terms of physical symptoms though have high cholesterol and have a very strong history of heart disease in immediate family. I was treated for PND in 2013. I would say my menopausal symptoms are more the irritation foggy brain insomnia etc.

My GP is more relaxed but reading here and other artivkes am concerned about heart desease etc. What should I be expecting to get from GP?

Should I see a gynae?

I feel awful stupid for being menopausal without even noticing confused

PollyPerky Tue 25-Oct-16 08:23:29

I'm sure you'll guess what I'm going to say! smile
The unequivocal advice of NICE is HRT for anyone having a menopause under 45, and some gynaes extend this to 47.

Your GP may be 'relaxed' but they are not exactly giving you the best care.

Decreased oestrogen levels at a young ish age are linked to osteoporosis and heart disease in later life. More women die from both of these than any other disease including all cancers. It's a serious issue.

Your GP ought to be a) advising you of the real risks - ie the stats and b) talking to you about your personal risk c) suggesting a DEXA scan now to have a base line on your bone density (then monitoring it every 2-3 years if you choose not to use HRT.)

You don't need to see a gynae if your GP is on the ball because this is not rocket science. But it's your body so it's down to you to be assertive and get the treatments/ opinions that are best for you. Don't rely on a GP to take the initiative as some don't.

Lots of women say they 'sail though the menopause' at an early age then get to mid 50s or early 60s, break a bone and find they have serious problems. There is a post on another meno forum from someone whose mum in her 60s has broken her wrist picking up a suitcase- having had an early menopause (we assume.) This is a known sign of osteoporosis but the sad thing is many women don't know till it's too late.

OctoberCarrot Tue 25-Oct-16 20:19:24

Thanks a mill Pollyperky. I was hoping you would respond. Have made appointment with GP to push for action. I am in Itelabd and have found a specialist menopause clinic/GP practice which I will contact if I dont get any traction. Thanks again.

shadowfax07 Fri 28-Oct-16 01:44:50

I'd go to the menopause clinic if you can. Having had HER2+ breast cancer, my GP (quite rightly) said that she wasn't happy to prescribe HRT, even though chemotherapy put me into an early menopause. The menopause consultant has given me a three month trial of oestrogen only HRT, to see if it makes a difference to my ongoing symptoms. It has made a hell of a difference, I'm more 'me' than I have been for two years.

Please consider going to the specialist menopause clinic sooner rather than later.

CointreauVersial Sun 30-Oct-16 01:20:36

Hmm....just read this. I went through menopause at 46, am 49 now.

I had no idea HRT could be advised in my situation! I had a largely trouble-free menopause (no symptoms really, apart from very heavy periods for 3-4 years before), so didn't feel there was any need to load up on hormones. It was never even suggested by my GP.

Presumably there are other ways to reduce the rsik of osteoporosis?

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