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Migraine - Elleste Conti

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hairypaws Sun 23-Oct-16 19:15:31

GP put me on to Elleste Conti on Thursday (was on Elleste duet). Took first one on Friday and have had a migraine since (think it's a migraine, funny vision and severe headache which painkillers don't touch). Spoke to pharmacist today who said I should go back to GP tomorrow.

Has anyone else had this, could it be because I've just started it and it'll soon settle down? I feel great on it otherwise but I'd say pain is getting worse as the days go on. Side effects did say if you get a migraine stop immediately but headaches are also listed as a common side effect so really not sure if I need to bother GP or whether I should just persevere until end of week and see how it goes.

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