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Is this a peri-menopause symptom

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trulybadlydeeply Mon 17-Oct-16 10:39:31

I am 46, regular periods, and in good health. I am currently in the second half of my cycle, period due at the end of the week. The last few days i have experienced a lot of vaginal discharge. Usually at this point in my cycle there would be little discharge at all, however this has been "gushing" at times, to the extent I can feel it coming out; this can happen both day and night. It is clear, and there is no smell to it. Is this a sign of peri-menopause? The research I have done only speaks of vaginal dryness being a symptom, which is really not the case. Has anyone else experienced this?

EllenRipley Mon 24-Oct-16 12:37:35

Hi Truly, I'm in peri at 45 and I've noticed a heavier (though seemingly healthy looking, akin to what I get around mid cycle) discharge right before my period. Before I would kind of 'dry up' before bleeding onset. I'm putting it down to hormones being all over the place! I also have been told I have nabothian cysts inside my cervix and they can add to the normal mucus levels. I wouldn't worry if it's not discoloured or smelly. Are u up to date with smear test? If you're worried I'd just ask doc to do a swab, they can have a gander at your cervix while they're there! X

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