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Vaginal bleeding Womb Prolapse

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user1476291180 Wed 12-Oct-16 18:19:20

Hi All

I am new here. I really do not know where to begin. I am 59 years of age.Had food poisoning around 6 years ago (Campylobacter) I was in hospital for over a week and on a drip. A week after coming out I had noticed that my womb had dropped,not out of the vagina but inside.I went to the doctor and she told me that its was because of me visiting the loo all of the time in hospital due to food poisoning.Anyways 2 years ago I had a bleed. I am post menopausal. It was just a day of spotting really.It went away.6 Months later I had another bleed both very light. I went to the doctor who said that it was probably due to my prolapse.He said give it a week and if you are still bleeding I was to go back.Well a year and a half passed nothing until 6 weeks ago when I had a show bleed again,its was like pink.Went away for 3 weeks,now yesterday again. I went to the doctor and boy did she scare the life out of me.She had no compassion what so ever.She gave me an internal and could see the bleed but did not know where it had come from(.I had a smear test a couple of weeks ago,results clear) The doctor after the examination I kid you not ladies said "Well it could be cancer,its very dangerous to bleed at your age"I asked "What erm well what else could cause the bleed?"Her reply "I dont know I am not a gynacologist" I was so scared that I went into a walk in centre that evening for reassurance.The doctor who I saw was so lovely and was very upset and shocked the way I had been treated. The doctor explained to me that there are a host of other reasons why I am bleeding,and went into some of them.Although they always have to look for anything sinister first,this is normal procedure etc. I get like tummy cramps like period pains and a dull back ache..The bleeding is very intermittent. Also when the bleeding has stopped the cramps seem to go away also.The bleeding does not cause me to need a sanitary towel,as its not that much.The doc did say that I could have a Polyp or fibroid even after the menopause.I have an appointment with the hospital fast track in two weeks. I am really scared. Has anybody else had this? Would be so greatfull for a response.

PollyPerky Wed 12-Oct-16 18:31:02

Hi Didn't want to read and run as you are worried.
Sorry you have had rubbish treatment.

After your prolapse was diagnosed, did they not suggest treatment? You could have a repair or a hysterectomy. Have you not discussed this with your GP?

Your dr is right to refer you for a scan. This will show what's going on. It might be a polyp or a fibroid. It could be cancer of the endometrium (womb lining.) if it was, the cure rate is very high so please try not to worry- they'd do a hysterectomy.

The rule is any bleeding more than a year after a final period must be investigated. At least now this is happening and hopefully you will get the right treatment, whatever it is.

Derece Wed 12-Oct-16 18:46:27

Thank you so much for your quick reply PolyPerky. When I went to the doctor regarding my Prolapse she did suggest a ring pessary,but I refused as I had heard horror stories of them causing infections and ulcer sores. I have a heart condition so the doctor was not very keen on giving me a hysterectomy.The doctor did say that she would be surprised if it was Cancer as this has been going on for two years on and off,but obviously told me to keep my appointment. Believe me no danger of me not doing that.During that two years I had a year and a half of no bleeding.I have heard that Polyps or Fibroids can be intermittent. I am just so scared.I think that we all fear the worse.The first doctor did not help either.

PollyPerky Wed 12-Oct-16 19:08:46

I think you should seek another opinion on your prolapse. There are very few heart conditions that prevent the use of a general anaesthetic especially in someone as young as you. They can also do the op with a spinal block. I have known women much older than you with heart problems- previous heart attacks- having a GA for a prolapse repair. But I'm not a dr and don't know your heart condition. I hope you can find a nice sympathetic dr and get sorted. come back and let us know?

Derece Wed 12-Oct-16 19:40:26


You are so kind to reply to me so quickly,believe me you are helping to calm my nerves. I was talking about a hysterectomy,doctors are reluctant to do this with people who have a heart condition.I had a heart attack eleven years ago. I was fortunate that the damage to my heart was very limited,because the ambulance men were on the scene so quickly.What worries me is if my bleeding is sinister,will the do the hysterectomy?I mean they could not just leave me could they?There must be other women who have had this done with a heart condition?

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Wed 12-Oct-16 23:54:43

They can do a hysterectomy with a spinal/epidural, lots of people have heart conditions and the non GA route is used for that reason.
Womb cancer will require a hysterectomy, but it has one of the highest cure rates. Often no other treatment is needed either, just the surgery.
It is good that you will be fast tracked. In the meantime jot your concerns down so you can get answers at your appointment.

FadedRed Thu 13-Oct-16 00:12:35

Derece it is normal and understandable for you to be anxious about this, you'd be a bit odd not to be! However, there are other reasons for post menopausal bleeding that are NOT cancer, but it is very important to find out quickly what the problem is and what the best course of treatment is. So the urgent referral is absolutely the right thing.
As pp said, even if it is a uterine cancer, the cure rate is very high.
Having had a heart attack in the past does not mean you cannot have surgery. Many, many thousands of people have anaesthetics after heart attacks very successfully, even major heart surgery to lower the risk of further heart attacks. A hysterectomy is considerably less of a risk than many other types of surgery.
Be brave. You'll be Ok, it's just a bit scary at the moment because you don't know what is causing the bleeding. flowers
Suggest when you can get your head around it, you look for a more sympathetic G P.

PollyPerky Thu 13-Oct-16 08:17:56

I was just coming back to say what Faded has said.

I wonder if your GP was fobbing you off about 'no operation for prolapse' as a money saving move? There are thousands of people having very complex surgery after heart attacks- heart bypasses, heart transplants etc- which take 8-12 hours - compared to the 1 hour for a hysterectomy.

You can also have- as I said above- have a spinal block / epidural for pelvic surgery and some hysterectomies for prolapse are carried out vaginally, so quicker recovery time. You certainly don't want to be suffering with a serious prolapse in your 50s - for another 20+ years- if it could be fixed.

My understanding is that a prolapse does not cause bleeding unless the cervix is being irritated by its position.

I do hope you get on okay but do let us know and change doctors for someone who is more sympathetic.

Derece Thu 13-Oct-16 22:25:17

Thank you so much for all of your replies.I was told that it was risky to have the womb removed because something to do with Estrogen etc..Not sure exactly what they said because this was 5 years ago regarding the prolapse.What I do not understand is the bleeding has nearly gone again and so has the period like pain in my tummy.I read that a Prolapse womb can cause bleeding as PolyPerky said just by rubbing on thin vaginal walls,and also causes period pain like with low back ache which is what I have been getting.Like I said before I can go weeks and even months with no bleed.This has been going on for 2 years with a year and a half break until now.Doctor at the hospital walk in seemed to think that my pain would not go away if it were sinister and for the length that is has been going on for,but obviously its very important to get checked out.I have got my appointment through which is for the 25th October so Tuesday after next.I will promise to let you all know how I get on.I have not lost any weight or gone off my food,so hopefully I am worrying for nothing.What ever it is as PolyPerky said its needs to be sorted out. Thank you all so much for your opinions and advice..back when I have some news xx In the meantime will browse and interact with other parts of the site.

Derece Thu 03-Nov-16 23:05:11

Evening all. I thought that I would update you on the bleeding that I have been suffering.I had a vaginal scan done (Not very comfortable) The lady said that my womb was a bit thick.I was supposed to go for the camera on the same day,but when I went to the desk,I was told that it had been cancelled until the following Sunday. (I was not a happy bunny as I had been so worried)Anyway I had the camera,the doc found two polyps on my womb. He said that they looked benign and do not look sinister in anyway,but obviously they have to take a sample.Still waiting for the results as it was last Sunday that I had the biopsy.Doc told me that the Polyps were causing my womb to be thick.I just have to wait for the Biopsy results,but doc seemed optimistic.I did not know that Polyps caused tummy cramps and back ache,but the doctor told me that some women do suffer some discomfort while others do not.We are all different.Well since he took a biopsy the bleeding is a little more,I suppose its been aggravated now. After results i will get a letter to have them removed.Trouble is I am right in the middle of a move.I am in London but I will be moving up North.Not sure yet when contracts will be exchanged.I may have to have this procedure done up North.Not sure yet.Thought I would let you all know,so that anybody else who may experience same,will read this.

PollyPerky Fri 04-Nov-16 08:38:32

Glad you have got sorted. The operation can be done sometimes with no GA if the polyps are small- it depends. It's always a day case anyway- friend of mine had it done under a GA and left hospital a couple of hours later. So even if you move it might be quicker and easier to stay with the hospital treating you now rather than join a waiting list elsewhere.

Derece Fri 04-Nov-16 14:51:47

Hi PollyPerky,

Yes its a relief..Will feel better once results are through even though the doctor said that they do not look sinister,but that's me lol.I hope that they will give me GA as the camera was a little painful.One time I had to make him stop a minute. I do actually have a high pain threshold,but I think that I made it worse because I was so anxious,he was very gentle.I can only describe that it felt like a strong labour pain when he took the biopsy.My tummy cramps and backache did subside after a couple of hours.They do recommend that you take some pain relief such as panadol 3 hrs before the procedure but I forgot. It would be best Polly if I could have the polyps removed at the same hospital,but if my move comes before,there will not be much that I can do about it,as I will be 220 miles away.Once I have moved they probably would refer me anyway.I am moving to Bridlington,the population will not be as many there,so perhaps the waiting list would not be to long.You have been so kind Polly thank you,and thank you to others who have given me comfort at such an anxious time xxx

PollyPerky Fri 04-Nov-16 17:00:09

Hi I hope you get on okay!
Good luck and with the move!

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