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Useful links.....on meno

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PollyPerky Mon 03-Oct-16 16:29:47

Lots of questions come up here on the same issues. There are some great sites which give loads of info. They are mainly written by consultants so are great for printing info off and taking to your GP if they are not up to speed. Loads of info here and also a forum. Site is owned and run by the Chairman of the British Menopause Society.

NICE meno guidelines including diagnosis, treatments and advice for GPs on what to do and not to do

British Menopause Society - press releases and consensus statements on latest research

International Menopause Society As above but more global and more research

Royal College of Gynaecologists advice on alternatives to HRT

Google Scholar - type any phrase into the search box for research papers on HRT, menopause, treatments etc.

Hellothereitsme Mon 03-Oct-16 21:21:06

Thank you that is really helpful.

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