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How can I feel better today?

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Euphemia Sun 02-Oct-16 11:18:55

I'm 50 and menopausal. No period since June, but the past few days I've been feeling crappy: tender breasts, crabby, cramps ... just as I'm about to go on a long haul holiday! angry

This morning I feel dizzy. I slept from 9.30pm til 8am but I could go back to sleep right now!

Later today I need to drive two hours to my mum's. How can I pull myself together and get some energy?!

Fucking bastarding menopause!!! angry

BG2015 Sun 02-Oct-16 19:04:29

Hope you got to your mums! Take it easy

Euphemia Sun 02-Oct-16 19:18:49

Took some Berocca and Nurofen and felt better! At my mum's now enjoying a cuppa. smile

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