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So CLUMSY! Is this a Thing, too?

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GlomOfNit Thu 29-Sep-16 19:33:27

I'm 43, think I'm in early perimenopause. The last 2 or 3 years, my periods have been a bit more erratic and I get this spotting that starts several days before it properly starts IYSWIM, it spots for 4-5 days then stops, then period starts a couple of days later. Annoying but ... and then a couple of months ago, on holiday, I had odd breast sensations and then pain, and managed to pump out two periods within 24 days, including all the bleeding (so cycle was about 19 days I think) and that included weeks of spotting. Thought I had something sinister going on with my cervix but I had a fine smear test a few months earlier. Breast pain was bad enough to take analgesia for, and I took to GP on my return, who referred me to breast clinic for mammogram etc. After a nerve-wracking day, that all turned out fine too.

So alongside shorter cycles, lighter periods, extended spotting, breast Stuff and killer PMT, I also have drier hair (like straw sad ), more facial spots ffs, fatigue like I'm in the first trimester of pregnancy, occasional night sweats, RAGE, and now more recently, brain fog and extreme clumsiness. Things just slip through my fingers. sad I'm constantly misjudging distances, especially when I reach for things with my hands, and I'm dropping stuff all the time. For some reason, I can cope with the rest but this clumsiness and uncoordination is making me really depressed. I feel like I've had a hand transplant.

Anyone else get this clumsiness? I haven't taken my collection of symptoms to the GP yet (aside from the breast thing). Wondering what to do next, whether I should be asking for blood tests or advice on herbal supplements.

MonsterINTHECupboard Thu 29-Sep-16 20:14:12

I think I have/have had most of your symptoms. The breast pain rings so true. There was a thread on here recently saying breast pain/ache was nothing to do with peri/menopause. It can be. I went to the GP a couple of years ago with a huge (and constant) aching in one boob, GP didn't think cancer, but did mention the word and I got next day mammogram (which scared the shit out of me at the speed of the appointment). Like you it was nothing. I was recommended high doses of evening primrose oil.

My GP then prescribed HRT, Elleste Duo (think that's the name) at the same time - periods were wonky but not over. Took for a year, it took away the sweats, lowered the anxiety etc. I stopped taking it because I felt fine. A year later I am feeling rubbish again, but with no period for over 15 months am now on Femseven Conti patches. Feel so much better within a couple of weeks. The flushes have almost stopped.

Blood tests don't work (I had about 5 years of those on and off), they only test your hormones on one particular day, they give a snapshot of you on a particular moment, you'd need blood tests everyday for a couple of months.

I think you should visit your GP, tell them your list of symptoms, ideally give them a list of all your periods - I tracked mine from 2010 when they started becoming irregular.

I am still far more anxious than I've ever been. About 2 stone overweight (though that might just be me!). I am less co-ordinated and often say the wrong words. My hair is far drier, refuses to grow (though that's good news for areas other than my head), and just before I started on the patches I was getting the odd spot. I'm 47 - I don't want spots! Please see your GP and good luck.

GlomOfNit Thu 29-Sep-16 21:07:05

I've always had a bit of anxiety, but I'm also getting bouts of depression - seems to be tied to the fatigue, which really can be like weights around my neck. Like being pregnant. I've started tracking things and keeping a diary. GP is of the non-medication variety but if she starts in on the 'good food and exercise' I shall change my GP! (I do have a pretty good diet and I do a bit of exercise. Not enough...)

I've suffered from occasional verbal glitches all my life grin but it's really bad at the moment. Can't tell if it's a perimenopause thing or just getting older ...

Thanks, I'll chart to the end of this current cycle (whenever that might be...) and see her again. Last time I mentioned it (a year back or so) she said airily 'oh, you're far too young to be worried about that' hmm Well, I have friends within a year of me who have wildly erratic cycles, far worse than mine, fluctuating hormone levels and hot flushes. Clearly it CAN get started in your early 40's.

I only just stopped lactating last year, too. sad Thank god I had my babies, feels like I did in the nick of time.

MonsterINTHECupboard Thu 29-Sep-16 21:12:40

Glom... I'm 47. I've been seeing my GP about this since I was 41. They never believe you (in my opinion) if you're under 50!

GlomOfNit Thu 29-Sep-16 21:17:48

absurd, isn't it? I know they don't like anecdotal stuff, and I get the Look if I say 'I read something on MN...' but this clearly is happening to women under the age of 50!

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