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Foods that I should be eating to help with the menopause

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mckenzie Thu 29-Sep-16 16:07:11

I think I have a fairly healthy diet but I'm really struggling with the side effects of th menopause.
Sweating, night time and during the day, sleeplessness, tearfulness, migraines, being short tempered, pitting on weight, complete lack of interest in sex etc.

What foods should I be adding to my diet or eating more of please?
Or where can I find the information?
TIA very much.

PollyPerky Thu 29-Sep-16 16:45:22

There aren't any really but some people swear by phytoestrogens in soya products.
Have you tried cutting out refined carbs, caffeine, spices, sugar and booze? What about exercise? That does help. 30-45 mins of something to make you sweaty (apart from the hot flushes!) every day.
If so, is there any medical reason why you can't use HRT to get relief from all of this?

mckenzie Thu 29-Sep-16 19:45:51

Thanks for replying PP.
I exercise plenty, have one coffee a day max and always decaf and soya milk.
I rarely have alcohol these days. hmm
I do try not to eat sugar but sometimes, the cravings get the better of me blush

PollyPerky Thu 29-Sep-16 21:22:43

HRT will deal with all of those symptoms. Why suffer?

Cherylene Fri 30-Sep-16 15:39:47

Lots of fruit and veg, exercise, fish, nuts, wholegrains. oats. Eggs are ok again grin and have lots of useful things in as well as protein. Pulses are good for cholesterol levels amongst other things. Chicken and red meat fine, but not all the time.

Not too much saturated fat - have fat from other sources instead, like rapeseed oil, olive oil, nut oils (for dressings, not cooking), avocadoes, oily fish.

Plenty dietary calcium (but not just dairy - because of the saturated fat.

Vit D - oily fish, egg, tinned fish and sunshine in the summer, supplements in the winter (hard to eat enough in the winter!)

Have a pudding, glass of wine etc at the weekend and enjoy it. Odd bit of chocolate here and there and biscuit are fine too.

This will help you feel healthy etc and help you cope with your symptoms as best you can, but will not get rid of them. If you take hrt, you should do this anyway.

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