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How do I know if I'm peri if I am on combined pill?

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Igglepigglehadasplat Wed 21-Sep-16 01:40:17

Just turned 40 and for the last few weeks been getting increasing hot flushes during the day. More pmt and also more headaches (I have fewer headaches if I avoid cheese leading round the time of my period and now have to avoid it for longer ). Period has changed pattern and generally lighter over at least the last 6 months. DH reckons that I have been complaining about feeling hot at times for months and also reckons that I am having pmt for longer. And as you can see by the timing of this post sleep is an issue as well !
I have a doctor's appt in a few days time. What do I ask and how can they test hormone levels when on the combined pill?

Cherylene Thu 22-Sep-16 17:01:36

No - you have to come off the pill for a while for the hormone tests. They aren't that reliable anyway, and you may find your periods come back eventually any way.

I stayed on coc until 49. I experienced headaches during the week off due to oestrogen withdrawal (prevented by drinking all the time - water that is grin ). My period got lighter (wayhay!!). My skin got drier (used more moisturiser). My privates got itchy and my pubes moulted sad. I think sleep started being an issue too but for some reason they always say that isn't menopause hmm Night sweats were a huge big massive problem.

I got ordered off at 49 because their computer check list with the nurse suddenly asked if you had migraines. hmm I was hauled before a doctor, who did recommend mirena. At the time, I had my fingers in my ears (metaphorically speaking, I am not that rude!) and there was no way anyone was going to stick on of those up my foof! If that was what I wanted, I would have done it years ago hmm. I ended up on pop which I gave up on shortly after as it did not agree with me (no problems with it previously)

I was sure that after 5 years of these symptoms, my periods had finished. Sadly, this was not so. They came back after 5 months and because I was not ovulating, they were frequent and unpredictable and gradually got heavier. The mirena option is no longer available - the GP who fitted them retired and the FPC does not fit them for meno, so I would have to go to a gynae and have tests first.

It is definitely worth considering. Mirena gives you the progestogen part of hrt which protects the womb. It gives it in the required place and the dose circulating in your blood would be far lower that if you used normal hrt, or progestogen only pills.

It provides contraception 'just in case' which is really useful at this time.

You can use oestrogen with it to help with meno symptoms - patches or gel are better - you use less of it because it does not have to go through your liver first, like tablets. You can use this continuously, so do not have to go off it for a bleed like coc, or hrt tablets.

I read a lot of bad stories about mirena - but it seems to suit people better if they are trying to avoid heavy periods and use it for hrt though. If you have bleeding problems on it, like constant spotting, this can be stopped by upping the oestrogen (see Dr Annie Evans on You tube).

Cherylene Thu 22-Sep-16 17:17:06

Also, there is a pill called Qlaira which is more meno-friendly. Shorter withdrawal time and a more natural oestrogen.

Igglepigglehadasplat Fri 23-Sep-16 02:18:07

Thanks. Used mirena before between DCs. Thought it was great for a year but one day ended up with horrendous pain and also bleeding and it scared me so much that insisted on having it removed (and then got pregnant 6 weeks later.....grin)
Pop doesn't suit me at all and if I am peri I know I would need oestrogen anyway. I like the sound of qlaira though

80sWaistcoat Fri 23-Sep-16 05:23:35

I. Use qlaira, it's pretty good for mr. Was getting v heavy unpredictable bleeding. Now much lighter. Been peri since late 30s, started qlaira 4 years ago at 43 after trying HRT which made me v depressed. Qlaira stabilised moods, controlled bleeding and is generally ok.

Also take Agnus castus to help with moods and promensil, no idea if the latter is doing anything! Still got the insomnia as you can see from posting time. Night sweats much better.

Igglepigglehadasplat Sun 25-Sep-16 00:58:03

Thankyou. Seem to see qlaira suggested everywhere I look at the moment. I have had a load of general blood tests done and to go back in a month for menopause screen bloods to be taken now i have stopped the pill. Discovered that having ice packs that i can put in my pockets at work or as a wrist support while typing is helpful. And someone at work and i keep laughing at each other as we head off to the air conditioning again but she is 10 years older than me.......

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