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FemSeven Sequi patches

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joadams55 Tue 20-Sep-16 18:39:33

hi just come home happy with FemSeven sesqui patches has anyone any great advice? I'm guessing I should have my period then start first one? These patches are combi - natural oestrogen but not the progesterone. Is it better to take the bioidentical progesterone? I've read so much but v mixed messages. I'm really keen to start as last 2 years I feel Ive aged ten years soooo tired i just lay down after work my hair is falling out masively luckily i have a lot! and weird v heavy periods. My GP was fast but lovely and I cant afford private so please any advice. She told me the natural progesterone wasnt as good.
The side effect I'm worried about is any bloating as I have IBS so get bad bloating. Also, its 4 patches so I guess its just week 1,2,3,4 then straight back to week 1? no gap week off? this patch has 2 weeks oestrogen then 2 weeks both then light bleed as u can tell instructions not gt lots on side effects not on using also im little, so will I find this strong ? thx jo

PollyPerky Wed 21-Sep-16 08:16:10

Your GP should have told you all of this!!! Why don't they ? confused

The instructions should be in the pack or if not, online under the product name. If not and you are still unsure, book another appt to see your dr.

There is no break when using HRT- you either use one or both hormones some of the time.

I wouldn't anticipate side effects- that's just looking for problems and none might happen!

Your physical size has nothing to do with your own levels of hormones.

As for bio identical progesterone- the only one available is Utrogestan. This is a capsule so you would need to use an oestrogen-only patch all the time, then Utrogestan for 10-12 days each month. I don't know what your GP means by it 'not being so good'. The downside is it is absorbed differently by each of us, and you might get slightly irregular bleeds, but the up side is that so far in research trials it appears to have no risk re. breast cancer. Depends how long you think you might want to use HRT.

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