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Zoely combined pill as an alternative to HRT before/during peri?

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river1 Mon 19-Sep-16 19:41:40

Hi, I've posted on here before about my attempts to curb my severe hormonal migraines using Evorel HRT patch (I am 47 but still having regular periods). This hasn't worked in that I am much better when I raise the dose but it only works for the first month. Specialist (Anne Macgregor) has now suggested trying Zoely which has bioidentical estrogen but synthetic progesterone (I was only on the Estrogen only patch in the short term as still having regular periods with it) to try to shut my cycle down (I am to do 3 months back to back).

I am hoping that I can tolerate it and also that it doesn't have an impact on my BP (which is ok but can go up a bit high at times) as much as the normal pill would have.

Anyone tried it?

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